Talisman - 7


Talisman - 7


There is nothing new on this album. I doubt that they will get a lot of new fans. But it is a mix of enjoybale radio-friendly rockers and ballads. This is what you expect from a band like Talisman.

I saw them in 2003 at the Sweden Rock Festival. That was one of my favourite shows. Soto was brilliant. As a reslut of that I bought all their cds and DVDs. problem was that I never enjoyed any of them. I found it boring. So I was not very keen on listening to the new album. But what a surprise. Pure joy from beginning to end. Soto has more confidence than ever (is it possible?), Frederik does what you expect from an AOR guitarist, and Marcel exceeds himself on bass and Jamie does a great job on the skins. It sounds as if the guys had a great time doing this album. This is rock. Four guys coming into a studio and record an album full of nice tunes almost live.

Well this is defnitely my surprise of the year sofar.


Jeff Scott Soto - Vocals
Marcel Jacob - Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
Fredrik Akesson - Lead Guitar
Jamie Borger - Drums

Song by song review:


1. Falling - This is a feel good song. Sound like the guys are enjoying themself. The tempo has the same feel as the tempo on the Foo Fighters songs. Pure old rock 'n roll. (9/10)
2. Nowhere fast - I love the funk-rock feel on this song. Frederik is really enjoying himself here. Soto is also more at ease here than on the Soul Sirkus album. At this stage it looks as if the chorusses will become a bit predicatable (8/10)
3. Rhyme or Reason - Very modern beginning. Goes over in a Toto-esque AOR song with more modern sound. (8/10)
4. End of the Line - Speaking of Toto. No comparisons here though. Hard and fast rocking song. Drums are excellent. (7.5/10)
5. the 1 Im living 4 - I love the instruments on this song. The bassline are thumping and modern, drums right there and guitars in a good supporting role. Soto sings as if he means every word - with passion as just he can. The background vocals are very effective. Nothing new, but a perfect example of how a good AOR lovesong should sound like. (9/10)
6. On my Way - Another good rocker - good riff - good vocals - good solo. Not surprising a lot of influence from Journey here. (8/10)
7. Forevermore - Well this is the ballad - what can I say apart from they have to be there - complete with piano entry and sing along chorus and short guitarsolo. Too much like "She's gone from Stealheart" though. (6.5/10)
8. Succumb to my Desire - This is a funk at a 100 miles per hour. I love it. I dont know if the typical Talisman fan will love it though. The best track on the album. This track is on par with the best of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Living Color. (9.5/10)
9. Shed a tear goodbye - Friendly radio song. Starts with vocals with a drumloop and go over in a very laidback friendly riff. A very nice driving song. This is AOR in overdrive.(7.5/10)
10. Troubled water - Start off with a great funk bassline. Rest of the song is very mediocre. (6

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