John Lawton followed in the footsteps of the larger than life David Byron. That was a very difficult situation for him. The upside was that the last Byron albums was not that good. The downside was the emerging punk scene.

Uriah Heep had a choice of 3 directions: They could follow the metal scene of the NWOBHM. They could continue the prog rock direction that they took on Demons and Wizards and other albums. or they could go into an AOR-direction. They opted for the latter. I think it was a very good choice.

They started very good with Firefly. With Innocent Victim they went backwards and with Fallen Angel they fell down.

I still think it was not a waste of time, because with a song like Free Me, they got a whole new fan base added to their fans. Problem was however that the fans did not follow. They started to lose them. BUT IF IT WAS NOT FOR THESE TIMES, URIAH HEEP WOULD HAVE CEASED TO EXIST. THEREFOR IT WAS VERY IMPORTANT, AND THERE ARE A LOT OF GOOD SONGS, THAT ONE CAN STILL ENJOY TODAY.

You can find a very good overview of this period here ..

The Hanging Tree
Been away too long:
Wise man

Free 'n Easy
Free Me

Woman of the Night
One More Night
Come Back to Me
Love or Nothing
Fallen Angel




The 3 albums


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