With Fallen Angel, the trilogy with John Lawton was completed. By listening to Firefly, Innocent Victim and then Fallen Angel one feels that this era of the band has reached a low point with this album. I will not blame it on poppiness however, rather than enthusiasm. With the new vocalist everybody fired on all silinders, but suddenly, it was just an album to be completed.

I like to call this album The good, the bad and the ugly - album. There are good songs on it, there are bad ones and then there are the straight ugly ones.

Lets begin with the good songs: Woman of the Nightor me is the best song on the album. Mick Box was very creative with the intro (something that was lacking on the last 4 albums). On top of the good guitars you have very good harmony vocals. One more night is a song with a boogie riff and pop vocals. I think it is not a bad song. Very catchy. Come back to me was another recycled version of many other songs, but still it works. Even though it was the single and supposed to be the best song on the album, it is defnitely not the best song. on Love or Nothing they have run out of ideas for a chorus - therfor the la la la chorus, but unlike Lady in Black it does not work. This is still a good song. Fallen Angel  goes back to the Goth theme and is prpably the second best song on the album.

These 5 songs are the only songs worth listening to on the album, but scores an average of 7/10.

Then there are the bad songs. Bad in the sense that they are not catchy, they are not good, they are fillers between the good songs. The songs that fall in this category are: Falling in love, Put your lovin' on me, Save it and What'd you say. They score an average of 3/10.

Then there is the ugly one. I'm alive is not a bad song, but it is ugly. The guitars are good, the vocals are passionate, the enthusiasm is there. But it is ugly. Therefor it can score only 6/10.

Rating: 6/10

Release date: 1978

Ken Hensley Synthesizer, Guitar (Acoustic), Keyboards, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Producer, Slide Guitar, Liner Notes
Lee Kerslake Synthesizer, Drums, Vocals (bckgr)
John Lawton Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
Trevor Bolder Bass, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Mick Box Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Liner Notes
Chris Achilleos Illustrations
Colin Bainbridge Engineer
Gerry Bron Producer
Mick Carpenter Project Coordinator
Julian Cooper Engineer
Robert M. Corich Coordination, Research
Fin Costello Photography
Albert de Gouveia Reissue Design
John Gallen Engineer
Peter Gallen Engineer
Chris Mercer Saxophone

1 Woman of the Night Box, Kerslake, Lawton 4:03
2 Falling in Love Hensley 2:53
3 One More Night Hensley 3:30
4 Put Your Lovin' on Me Lawton 4:08
5 Come Back to Me Hensley, Kerslake 4:19
6 Whad'ya Say Hensley 3:40
7 Save It Bolder, McDonald 3:33
8 Love or Nothing Hensley 3:00
9 I'm Alive Lawton 4:17
10 Fallen Angel Hensley 5:03
11 Cheater (Single B-Side) [*] Hensley 4:04
12 Gimme Love (Struttin') (Single B-Side) [*] Bolder, Box, Kerslake, Lawton 3:16
13 A Right to Live [#/*] Lawton 3:37
14 Been Hurt [#/*] Hensley 5:03

Woman of the Night
One More Night
Come Back to Me
Love or Nothing
Love or Nothing
Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel was not a very good album. uriah Heep missed an opportunity to be part of the huge AOR explosion. They had the band, they had the vocalist. But I think the missed the songs. Ken Hensley was running out of ideas and the rest of the band just to lazy to write songs. The best song on the album was a Mick Box/ John Lawton/Lee kerslake song. Why only one song from them?

The Good, the bad and the ugly, but no brilliant songs on here.



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