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General Review

Wonderworld was the seventh studio album and was recorded in Munich due to tax reasons. Being on the road a lot, it probably was not a very good choice. This was also the last album to feature Gary Thain whoi was replaced by John Wetton for the next album.

The album begins with the typical Hensley song we are used to be now. Keybords take the lead and the vocals provide the power and emotion. "Wonderworld" is a good typical organdriven medium-tempo Heep song.

"Suicidal Man" saw the band for the first time in a long time collaberate as song-writers. The result is a very good hard-rocking song with a very good riff. To be honest this is one of Heep's best riffs ever recorded. This song lend itself to be a very good metal song.   I dont thjink that Byron at the time knew that this was more autobiographical than any other song. At this stage he was drinking a lot and on the selfdestructive path.

"The Shadows and the Wind" starts of as a very mediocre song with a lot of musical cliches and then it goes over in a chorus with no words - just "la la la". Buttttttt..... the way the vocals take a queenslike chorus make it very special. Still of you think about Motth The Hoople and Gentle Giant who has done these kind of vocals better at that stahge it is not very impressive.

"So Tired" is one of the more well known Heep songs with a very upbeat tempo. The melody is better than "Shadows" but it is not one of ma favorites.

"The Easy Road" - This is defnitely one of Uriah Heep's best melodic songs. Starting of with the strings and the piano and with the very good vocals, and the very good melody - it can't get better.

"Something or nothing" - is actually a very better song than the way it aged. This is a typical mid-tempo rocker with a very catchy tune. I really love the riff on this one. Not very better prominent but very good.

"I Won't mind" - has a very blues feel to it and the only good thing to this song is the guitars. Already on "Very eavy and very umble" they have shown the ability to do good blues goods songs. Very good guitars.

"We got we" is again a very good guitar song. On this song they go back to "Very eavy" and "Salisbury" with the dual guitars. It is so good, it is a pity it is only 3.34 long or shall I say short.

"Dreams" - I must admit by this time after listening to the last 3 albums, I was a bit tired ("So Tired") of listening to Ken Hensley's lyrics about dreams. Almost all the love songs have the theme of dreams in them. But saying this, it is not a bad song. Again what I like most about this song - even though it is mostly keybord-driven - is the guitars.





Uriah Heep - Wonderworld


Released : 1974

Mick Box Guitar, Liner Notes, Photography
Gerry Bron Producer
Mike Brown Remastering
David Byron Vocals
Robert M. Corich Liner Notes, Coordination, Mixing, Remastering, Research
Peter Gallen Engineer
Mike Gibbs Arranger, Orchestration
Ken Hensley Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Liner Notes, Photography
Ian Herron Mixing
Graham Hughes Design, Photography
Lee Kerslake Percussion, Drums
Hans Menzel Engineer
Phil Smee CD Package Design
Red Steel Liner Notes
Gary Thain Bass
Uriah Heep Arranger

Best songs:

1. Wonderworld

2. Suicidal man

3. The Easy Road

4. We got we

Songs on album:

1 Wonderworld Hensley 4:29
2 Suicidal Man Box, Byron, Hensley, Kerslake, Thain 3:38
3 The Shadows and the Wind Hensley 4:29
4 So Tired Box, Byron, Hensley, Kerslake, Thain 3:38
5 The Easy Road Hensley 2:45
6 Something or Nothing Box, Hensley, Thain 2:56
7 I Won't Mind Box, Byron, Hensley, Kerslake, Thain 5:59
8 We Got We Box, Byron, Kerslake, Thain 3:34
9 Dreams Box, Byron, Hensley 6:15


Wonderworld was an album with a lot of potential but it did not really achieve it. What comes out of Wonderworld is the fact that Uriah Heep had a lot of potential to do a guitaralbum. It is a pity they did not concentrate more on guitarsongs like "Suicidal Man" and "We got we". I already said on the review of "Very heavy, very umble" that Uriah Heep had a lot of potential on guitar songs.

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