Uriah Heep - Look at Yourself (1971)



This was the third album by Uriah Heep. For them it was third time lucky. With the release of this album they also had their first hit in "Look at yourself".

By them time this album was recorded Ken Hensley was solidly in the drivers seat. Whereas he did not contribute to one of the songs on the first album, he wrote and co wrote all of the songs on this album. That is not all. He also wrote the liner notes on this album and most important his name appeared first in the credit list. That is rather strange for a keyboard player.

BUT .... being in control attributed to the cohesiveness of the album which was one of the problems with the previous 2 albums. And as Hensley says in his liner notes : "We have succeeded in establishing our musical direction now.."

Before we discuss the songs first the album cover. There has been many critic over the years and I have seen this cover on a lot of worst cover lists. I disagree. As a 11 year old I had this cover in my hand with the mirror on it and I was freaked out. Very creative and very effective. There is more to that for me in the cover. Isn't that what music is all about - seeing yourself in the music. Discovering parts of yourself.

With songs like "Look at Yourself" and "July Morning" Uriah Heep could not go wrong. At this stage the mix of the organ and the powerful guitars were perfected.  July Morning was defnitely Heep's answer to "Child In Time" by Deep Purple and what an answer.

Other songs that are very powerful are the 2 rockers on the album "Tears in my Eyes" with some of the best vocals that Byron has ever done and "Love Machine"

When Hensley wrote the words: "As I woke up every morning with no new songs tp play/ Feeling like I ought to pack my bags and run" he was defnitely wrong. Songs came out of him as if their was no effort in it. He wrote 4 songs and co wrote 3 songs on this album.

Look at Yourself was the final preparation for the masterpiece to come.

Rating: 8.5/10

Album Cover:

Uriah Heep - Look at Yourself

Release date: July 1971

Band members:

Mick Box (guitars)
David Byron (voc)
Paul Newton (Bass)
Ian Clarke (Drums))
Ken Hensley (Keys, guitars)


1 Look at Yourself Hensley 5:10
2 I Wanna Be Free Hensley 4:01
3 July Morning Byron, Hensley 10:32
4 Tears in My Eyes Hensley 5:01
5 Shadows of Grief Byron, Hensley 8:39
6 What Should Be Done Hensley 4:15
7 Love Machine Box, Byron, Hensley 3:37

Best Songs:

Look at Yourself
July Morning


This was possibly the first album of uriah Heep to receive cult status. In South Africa this was the ultimate "underground" album. If you had this, you were cool under your classmates but bad under your peers. This was the first album that Heep produced that had a unified feel. I suppose it was because all the songs were written by Ken Hensley. The album has aged very good and is very nice to listen to. Treat yourself and listen to tracks 1-3 at full volume.



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