Within a year after releasing Firefly, Innocent Victim was recorded and released. This was a huge mistake. Apart from that if we read the linear notes on the remastered version, Ken Hensley said that the record company wanted them to "recycle" Easy Livin. This together with the direction that they have taken on Firefly and the emerging NWOBHM-scene produced a schizophrenic album. Firstly there were the recycled-songs like Keep on ridin', Flyin' High, Roller and Cheat 'n Lie.  This was done by the anonymous persona going under the name of Uriah Heep. And the effort was a very poor effort of re-creating the David-Byron-era sound. Plagiarism, recycling, copying - call it what you want. It is not worth discussing.

BUT THERE WAS THE OTHER PERSONA. The new Uriah Heep with John Lawton on vocals. The band that moved towards an AOR sound on the Firefly album. And they created 4 very good songs on this album.

Free 'n Easy:  This is one of Mick Box's better compositions. 'n Nice up-tempo rocker with a very good riff. It is very similar to the riffs that came out of the NWOBHM scene, but it has its roots already in Very eavy Very umble.. 9/10

Free me: How can any rocker not like this song?  The more I listen to it, the more I like it. Forget the fact that you know it, put it on loud, relax and you will hear what I mean. It was not a hit without any reason. It is one of Heep's best pop tunes. 10/10

Choices: This is a classic power ballad. The song begins slow and then built up to a climax in the chorus. The sound is very contemporary. 9/10

Illusion - Masquerade: On the original album we only have Illusion, but on the remaster they have added the original song. I don't like bonus tracks, but his one is a winner. You cannot appreciate Illusion by its self. It is just like listening to The Paradise and cutting out The Spell. No can do.  Illusion is the slow part and then it goes over in this up-tempo rocker. perfect. 10/10

The Dance: This was another composition of Christopher Williams. I honestly don't know where I stand with this song. With it's reggae beat it adds to the schizophrenic character of the album, rather than add to it's quality. Forgettable. 6/10.

Rating: 7/10

Release date: 1977

Trevor Bolder Bass, Vocals
Mick Box Guitar, Liner Notes
Gerry Bron Producer
Julian Cooper Mixing
Mark Dearnley Engineer
John Gallen Mixing
Peter Gallen Engineer, Mixing
Ken Hensley Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer
John Holmes Illustrations
Neil Jeffries Liner Notes
Kerrang Liner Notes
Lee Kerslake Drums, Vocals
John Lawton Vocals
Steve Ridgeway Artwork
David Shortt Cover Design
Uriah Heep Arranger

1 Keep on Ridin' Hensley, Williams 3:40
2 Flyin' High Hensley 3:19
3 Roller Bolder, McDonald 4:41
4 Free 'N' Easy Box, Lawton 3:05
5 Illusion Hensley 5:05
6 Free Me Hensley 3:34
7 Cheat 'N' Lie Hensley 4:54
8 The Dance Williams 4:49
9 Choices Williams 5:49
10 Illusion/Masquerade [Full Unedited Versions] Hensley 8:18
11 The River [*/outtake] Bolder, Box, Hensley, Kerslake 3:07

Free 'n Easy
Free Me

If you really want to enjoy Innocent Victom. listen only to the songs under the Best songs section. Then you will eperience something great. How many albums today have 4 brilliant songs on it. Not many. Innocent Victim has.



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