Tipton, Entwistle & Powell - Edge of the World


Tipton, Entwistle and Powell - Edge of the World


This project came about in 1996 when Tipton did not have a lot of work with Priest. They recorded the album, but the record company thought it was too much old school. The wanted Glenn to record with more younger guys. That was exactly what Tony Iommi did later with not much success.

The album stayed on the shelve until this year. Thanks for releasing it.

Tipton, Entwistle & Powell. Just the hear of the names tell you that this must be something special. It is not your typical super group album. Neither is it your typical power trio. This is more an album that belongs to the category of the arena bands. That was perhaps the problem. To fit into that category their were to many unnecessary keyboards. It could have been much better.

Does that mean that this is a bad album. Definitely not - every rock lover should have it. How can you not have one of Cozy's best performances. How can you not feel the bass of Entwistle where it belongs - in a hard rock band? How can you not enjoy Glenn Tipton's guitar? But ....... where is the fourth member - a proper singer. Somebody who can sing about the Crimes of Passion with feeling. Somebody who can sing about the Edge of the World so that you can feel the thunder. Somebody that can sing about the Holy man with a Gospel feel. That is where the biggest problem lies. The vocals are boring to say the least. It is Joey Tempest on a bad day. Mr Tipton please keep your vocals to sound checks, but give as another solo-album - with a proper singer.


Song by song:


1. Unknown Soldier - Good little just vocal song
2. Friendly fire - Start with power chords and continue in nice tune. Very effective switch between riff, keyboards, change of riff and drums 75% through the song. Good stadium song with catchy chorus 9/10
3. The Holy Man - Effective beginning with keyboard and creating atmosphere through vocals. Then kicked in the heavy guitars. Halfway through the best part where John and Cozy takes over with vocals on background. Very good song 9/10
4. Never say die - As with most of the songs - the song start with vocals and keys and continue with riff.80's Sound like Journey or Europe. Melody determined by keys. Very predictable. 7/10
5. Resolution - Combination of old AOR themes - even the vocals that come in is old themes. One of the more commercial songs though. Very nice on the ears. 8.5/10
6. Searching - Begins with the exact template of Stairway of Heaven. Acoustic Guitars, keyboards with the sound of a flute - vocals high. Difference is that this song stick to the acoustic sound. Very radio friendly - very mediocre. 7/10
7. Give Blood - More 80's hair band - you cant get. Would have been a hit in the mid 80's. Pity is that that style is long gone. Still not bad to listen to. 7.5/10
8. Crime of Passion - Start nice with acoustic guitars and melodic solo. Nice sing - a -long tune. The melodic guitar steers you through the emotions of crime of passion. 8/10
9. Walls gave in - Start heavy, but totally loses me. Problem perhaps is that by this time nothing is new and Mr Tiptons voice starts to irritate me. 5/10
10 Edge of the World - I can imagine that this would have been the last song on a show and the people would have been singing with lighters in their hands. Typical big arena song. 8/10
11. Stronger than the drug - Hardest rocking song on the album. keyboards are to prominent. Drums are the best you can expect from Cozy. On this song you can hear why he was the best hard rock drummer in the world. 5/10


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