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Jack Foley:

NORTHERN Ireland’s The Answer have already been hailed by Kerrang as superstars having developed a reputation for themselves at festivals such as SXSW and in support of bands like Deep Purple and Therapy.

They will also tour with Whitesnake later this year and appeared at the Download Festival.

That alone should tell you the type of sound to expect – big rock anthems that should appeal to air guitar fans and anyone who gets a musical kick from flexing their fingers in the shape of devil horns.

The band is comprised of Cormac Neeson (vocals), Paul Mahon (guitarist), Micky Waters (bass) and James Heatley (drummer) and based on the strength of their debut EP, Keep Believing’ in July 2005, they are already being tipped as potential breakthrough acts of the year in this genre.

Certainly, their style is all about delivering classic rock ‘n’ roll anthems in the style of Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy – records that are big on grandiose values, wailing lyrics and frenzied guitar solos.

But they also draw from contemporary influences, too. Of the tracks worth mentioning on the album, Preachin’ is an expert fusion of hard rock values, slide guitar and gospel that works just as effectively as when bands like Razorlight and The Killers have used it to augment their genre sound.


General Review

A certain person with the name Henry Morton Stanley begins his review with the next sentence: "The Answer really are a very, very bad band" and he ends his review with : "The gutter will welcome them." Mr Stanley I only have 2 words for you: Britney waits.

The Answer is definitely one of the best bands to come out of Great Britain this past few years. Being a good band is not always about breaking new grounds. Thank God for that. We already have a couple of hundred genres of rock and if every band wants to a new thing where will it all end. Sometimes it is just all about taking influences, making it your own and produce a good album with good songs and good music. And that is exactly what The Answer did. They took the same road The Black Crows took for their influences and it works. A bit of Zeppelin, a bit of Thin Lizzy and a bit of Faces and you have The Answer. I stood outside my house while the cd was playing. At that stage I could only here the vocals. It sounded just like a raw Robert Plant. Not copycatting like Lenny Wolf of Kiingdom Come, but the good raw sensual qualities like Robert Plant. And here and there you can hear the typical dual guitar solos that was typical of Thin Lizzy. But it does not sound as if this is a cover band - all these elements add to a typical Answer sound.

Did creating Baroque music make Handel a bad composer because somebody did it before him. Definitely not. Did creating Dark Side of the Moon make Pink Floyd a bad band, because some of the songs sound like Pink Fairies. Definitely not. The Answer is a great band.

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  4. I close with Nightwatchers remark: The esteemed English Classic Rock mag weren't blowing out their ass when they proclaimed this "The best British rock debut of the decade! Believe it!" Trust me, once you hear this you'll be a believer as well. If you're a fan of classic British heavy rock the way it was played in the '70's, you can't go wrong with this one. 9/10

This is a very good album. Bring back memories when I first listened to Led Zeppelin. In Foreigner's words: It feels like the first time. A must have if you love rock.

9/10 - Japie Marais


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Homepage of the Answer

Songs on album:
  1. Under the Sky: This is definitely one of my favourites on the album. With it's strong riff, thundering bass and pouncing drums, you have to love it. 10/10
  2. Never too Late: Never too late to start songs with a guitar solo like Blackmore and Page used to do. 9/10
  3. Come follow me: Boogie rock per excellence. Even the hadbanger can bang his head to this one. 9/10
  4. Be what you want: Typical Faces - with the organ, slide and everything. 9/10
  5. Memphis water: Raw blues rock even with the blues solo to accompany it. Time change in the middle is brilliant and effective. 9.5/10
  6. No questions asked: This will definitely go off live. Good chorus - representative with background vocals. 9/10
  7. Into the gutter: Good song Back to the days when Plant and Gillan challenged their guitar players.  8.5/10
  8. Sometime your love: Nothing special - a touch of Free - 7.5/10
  9. Leavin' Today: The Answer's Black Dog or Spreed King. Their tribute to Rock 'n roll. 8/10
  10. Preachin': What can we say. The song of the decade. Definitely. Going back to the roots off rock. Slide guitar, gospel background vocals and best vocals heard in many years. Challenge the preachers and not the church. I have listened to it the last week - more than fifty times. 11/10.
  11. Always: The mellow song they had to do. 8.5/10


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