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Danish hard rock band the Pretty Maids was formed in 1981 by singer Ronnie Atkins and guitarist Ken Hammer; adding guitarist Pete Collins, bassist John Darrow and drummer Phil More, the group recorded a demo which earned them a contract with the British label Bullet, resulting in the 1983 release of their self-titled debut EP. That same year the Pretty Maids supported Black Sabbath on their tour of Scandinavia, and after replacing Collins with guitarist Ricky Hansson and Darrow with bassist Allan Delong, the band entered the studio to record their first LP for new label CBS, 1984's Red, Hot and Heavy. Hansson's tenure proved short-lived, however, and Collins returned to the line-up for a tour lasting through 1985; two years later, the Pretty Maids resurfaced with Future World. While recording the follow-up, drummer More was severely injured in a car crash, and the resulting LP Jump the Gun did not appear until 1990; by the end of the year a series of defections reduced the roster to the original duo of Atkins and Hammer, who recruited bassist Kenn Jackson and drummer Michael Fast to cut 1992's Sin-Decade, scoring a major hit in Europe and Japan with the single "Please Don't Leave Me." An acoustic effort, Stripped, appeared in 1993, followed a year later by Scream; in 1995, the Pretty Maids also issued their first official live record, Screamin' Live. Subsequent releases include 1997's Spooked and 1999's Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing.

General Review

The first time I heard about Pretty Maids was in 2000. It was just because Roger Glover from Deep Purple produced their one album. And then I ordered a couple of their cds from Europe. I must be honest I liked the sound, but I found the songs very boring. Well not everybody can write a good song.
And then I heard "Wake up in the Real World" and what a real world it is? This is the best rock album I have heard in many years.
The riffs are brilliant, the songs catchy, the vocals superb, the drums as a sergeant in a battalion and the rest above average.
From the stunning riff of "Wake up to the real world" to the best power ballad you will hear in a long time, this album takes you everywhere. And when it finishes you wake up in a real world and say to yourself: Why, Why, Why did I have to spend so much money on so many mediocre albums and then Pretty Maids come with this album. And the answer is: To get this one.
The best rock album you will hear in a long time. Do you miss the real Deep Purple. Don't worry - here is the real Pretty Maids.



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Songs on album:


1. Wake up to the real world - What a stunning start to an album. Can't get better than this. Start of with a stunning riff. The best the Maids have ever done. Back to the old days of Smoke on the Water and Sunshine of Your Love. If you don't tap your feet to this one, you definitely don't have any legs. The contrast in the vocals between the real and the fantasy world are brilliant. The short guitar solo is very effective. 10/10
2. All in the name of love - Where track 1 starts with a stunning riff, this one starts with a very good dual guitar break. The riff breaks in later. Again very effective. It sounds like the guys have the time of their life. And that " All in the name of Love" or is it in the name of Music. This song has the same vibe as the early Priest stuff but with a more modern sound. 10/10
3. I am the end - Sounds and bell lead you into the riff. And then the words " I am the one who holds the key, the master of your destination". If they keep on rocking like this they definitely have the key. The vocals are very believable when he sings about fear, darkness and hell. You are sucked into the atmosphere created by the vocals. The dark riff provides the perfect background. Tony Iommi will be proud of this song. 10/10
4. As guilty as you are - Acoustic intro - then the organ and guitars. Even though it is a anticlimax after the first 3 songs it is still good. Sounds very much like Europe and Bon Jovi. Still a very good ballad 9/10
5. Why die for a lie - A very good rocker. I don't like political songs, but this one is good. When he shouts "Why why why die for a lie" you can hear an honesty about it. And in the background the pounding drums underline it. I know that the Maids like Deep Purple but this is the most Gillan-like vocals I have ever heard from them. Well done. 9.5/10
6. Such a Rush - A new start - this time with the bass and then the drum and in comes the riff. This song has a very good anthemic chorus. The change of tempo and key on the guitar every time when the new verse begin is stunning. I can see the people singing "It's such a rush, its such a thrill, you live my love and I'm in for a kill, the queen of hearts ...." at the shows. This is a crowd-pleaser by excellence. 9.5/10
7. Where Beauty lies - The title says it all. It has to be a ballad. This is their Romeo and Juliet or is it Shrek. Two lovers against the world. Same structure as track 4. Starts slowly and build into a chorus and solo. The queenesque vocals halfway through are brilliant. It saves the day for a very mediocre love song. "We carry one another , hold on to each other " - heard it before - definitely. 8/10
8. Brave Young Breed - Back in business. Very modern rock song - hard riff - mixed vocals ala Europe. The whole song is written for banging of the heads and slamming of the fists - get it. Practise it - you are going to do it. It is impossible not to through your fist in the air and bang your head on this one. "Fight till the end" Very good metal song. 9.5/10
9. Terminal Violence - Continue the same vibe as in track 8. I don't mind. Again a brilliant riff. Where do they suddenly get all these riffs. Stole it from Iommi or Blackmore's vault? Another brilliant head banger. Wish I can see them perform this song life? Unfortunately we don't see them in South Africa. 9.5/10
10. Perfect Strangers - Well they had to do it. Deep Purple must be on here somewhere. Here it is. Covers you have to do in two ways - either the same or something totally different. They went the honourable and safe route. Possibly the best Deep Purple cover I have ever heard. 9.5/10 (only the original gets 10)
11. Another shot of your love - I hate power ballads. Every rock band does it for the radio. And they all sound the same. But not this one. This one is brilliant. Possibly the best power ballad I have heard since "Sister Christian" by Nightranger. It is 4 minutes short. 10/10

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