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Eighteen albums since the first and 11 years since the last. That is gamble. A Whole new generation have not heard about him. But this album is defnitely not for the new generation. This is for old fans and for the friends of the old fans.

The fist time I listened to the album was just after I have listened to "The Distance" his 1982 album. I was a bit disappointed. Then I left it. Today when I listened to it again, was a whole new experience. The first song with Patty is a gem. The mellow tracks are very much the same as "Still the Same" (ha ha ha), but it is still good. The rockers are excellent. And then the two songs with a whole new vibe: "Won't Stop" and "Between" are brilliant. Is it still the same Bob Seger - defnitely. But the songs are better.

This year we saw new outings from Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan. They are all good albums. But Bob Seger is the boss. Where Bruce does his covers of Pete Seeger, neil Young bore us with his political ideas, Tom Petty takes us on the road with his roadsongs and Bob Dylan gets nostalgic - Bob Seger entertains us with 12 brilliant songs.

Well done

Song by song review:

1. The answer's in the question (duet with Patty Loveless) - When I
first heard the song, I thought - what the heck is he doing - and then
I lsitened to it again and again. What a start to a 11 year hiatus.
Very mellow, very romantic, very good. (9/10)
2. Wreck this heart - Just to let us know that he hasn't gone cold or
mellow in this time. This is a brilliant rocker with good guitars,
solos and brilliant background vocals. (10/10)
3. Wait for me - This is typical of the old Bob Seger. The songs that
made him famous. The piano and the maestro. And then comes the choir.
On this song you can hear that the voice needs some practice, but it
fells nothing short of intensity. These were the songs that many a
weddingproposal were made to. I think the gospelchoir is very
effective. (10/10)
4. Face the Promise - It good have well been - live up to the promise.
Because this is what he's done. Bob Seger has never ever exceded this
quality. This is a very uptempo, rockabily song - complete with the
"Duanne Eddy" guitar and girls at the back. (10/10)
5. No Matter who you are - Back to the milder tempo of track 3.
Already in the first verse - you know that this song is going to be
played a lot on AOR stations. His taking off to be with his family has
defnitely touched his emotions a lot. This is emotional stuff. Even
though he can't really get to the notes when he sings "no matter who
you are" you dont mind because it is not Bob Seger singing, it is your
soul confirming. (10/10)
6.Are You - One of the heaviest songs Seger has ever done. But the
sparse riff and the lady on the background make it very effective. the
repetitiveness of the lyrics and the riff goes together like steak and
chips. (9.5/10)
7. Simplicity - When he sings "Simplicity it works for me - I focus on
the basic stuff" it is a summary of the whole album. And that is the
success of this album. Concentrate on the basic stuff - good tunes,
good lyrics, vocals, instruments etc. Ont this song for example there
is a basic bass line that goes through and all the other instruments,
brass instruments, guitars and vocals are build around it. (9/10)
8. No more - Back to the melodic stuff. The "Still the same" template.
Well if it isn't broken, why fix it. Worked in the seventies and still
works here. The strings are perfect for this arrangement. (9/10)
9. Won't stop - Old habits die hard. That is what Mr Seger wants to teach us here. Whether you are an alcoholic or a tirant - you won't stop there. Even though it is not blues, this is possibly the most blues you get out of him. (9/10)
10. Between - This song is very much like track 9 - same vibe. Laid back riff with even modern vocals. This song perfectly potrays the duality of humans. What you say and what you mean differs. Somewhere between it is you. (9/10)
11. The Long Goodbye - Tracks 8-11 feel like a mini opera. In 8 he had enough. In track 9 and 10 he said why. And here in track 11 is time for the goodbye. (8.5/10)
12. Real Mean Bottle - He started the album with a duet and so does at the end - this time with Kid Rock. This a nice rocker. The perfect way to end a good album. (9.5/10)

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