Yoke Shire are a US band blessed with tremendous potential and talent. A trio, the members are Craig Herlihy on vocals, guitars and a host of various other instruments, Brad Dillon on drums and backing vocals and Brian Herlihy on guitars. Their music is an amazingly effective combination of a few different styles, evoking memories of Zappa, Mandrill, Jethro Tull, Gentle Giant and others, combining into a kind of progressive rock that is both unique and different. "Masque of Shadows" is an excellent album that you'll be enjoying for years to come. They're currently working on new material for a new album, due later in the year. You can find out more about this great band via their website. 

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Yoke Shire - 1999 - Masque of Shadows - 4.5/5

Yoke Shire - 2002 - A Seer in the Midst - 2.5/5



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