Xit - I was Raised, from "Plight of the Redman", their debut album, released in 1972. Formed in the early seventies, Xit, which means "Crossing of Indian tribes", were a native American Indian band formed by music and lyric writers Mike Valvano and Tom Bee, and featured R.C.Gariss Jnr. on guitars and piano, A. Michael Martin on guitars and vocals, Leeja Herrera on drums and percussion and Jomac Suazo on bass. Very much a protest band, their highly emotive and thought provoking music was as tunning mix of ethnic native American Indian rhythms and western rock, aided in parts by some truly beautiful orchestral pieces. Their best known track is undoubtedly the excellent "Reservation of Education", taken off their second album, "Silent Warrior", which came out the following year. Unfortunately Xit's popularity seemed to wane after this, as their third album, "Relocation" (also known as "Rainbow Rider"), released in 1976, was hardly acknowledged. The band did, however, have a fairly sizeable fan base in Europe, and this was quite apparent on their final offering, a live album called " Drums Across the Atlantic", which came out in 1981. Like Redbone and Geronimo Black, Xit were very good musical ambassadors for American Indian rock music.

Xit - We Live, from "Silent Warrior", their second album album, released in 1973. By popular request, we once again feature probably the best known Native American Indian outfit. We've featured them many times before so you can read up on this great band elsewhere on these pages. This was the album that featured their best known track, 'Reservation of Education'. They released a live album later on in the seventies, but it must be said that they couldn't reproduce live what they did in the studio.

Biography by Leon Jackson
XIT are a popular Native American rock group from Albuquerque, NM. They have recorded a two-part concept album, The Plight of the Redman, chronicling the changes in Native American life since the arrival of Columbus. 



Tom Bee

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Xit - 1972 - Plight of the Redman - 3/5

Xit - 1973 - Silent Warrior - 4/5

Xit - 1977 - Relocation - 3/5

Xit - 1994 - Entrance - 4/5

Xit - 1995 - Drums Across the Atlantic - 4/5



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