Wrabit - Just go Away, taken off "Wrough and Wready", also known as just plain "Wrabit", their debut album, released in 1981.Hailing from Canada, Wrabit were a pomp rock outfit of the highest order. Formed by vocalist Lou Nadeau and guitarist John Albani, they were joined by keyboard player Les Paulhus, bassist Chris Brockway, drummer Scott Jefferson Steck and second guitarist Dave Aplin. This debut album, released on MCA, as were all three of their albums, featured some superb guitar work and excellent vocal harmonies." Tracks", their second album, released in 1982, was heavier and better, with Gerald O'Brien replacing Paulhus and Gary McCracken replacing Scott Jefferson Steck. Guitarist Aplin also left, reducing the band to a quintet. The band's final album, "West Side Kid", released in 1983, saw further changes, with only Nadeau, Albani and Brockway remaining of the original line-up. When Wrabit eventually split the following year, Albani and Brockway joined Aplin in Lee Aaron's band. Be prepared to spend big bucks on their CD's - they're only available on pricey Jap imports! 

Wrabit - Piece of the Action, from their final album, "West Side Kid", released in 1984. As we've mentioned elsewhere in these pages, Wrabit are one of many excellent bands to come out of Canada. The band was formed in the late seventies/early eighties by vocalist Lou Nadeau, guitarist/vocalist John Albani, guitarist Dave Aplin, drummer Scott Jefferson Steck, bassist Chris Brockway and keyboard player Les Paulhus. Their self-titled debut, released on MCA Records, came out in 1981.(This was also released under the name of "Wrough and Wready", but with a slightly different track sequence). Their music is probably best described as metal/pomp rock with fantastic harmonies and great guitar work. Their second album, "Tracks", released the following year, is much stronger and heavier than the debut and is probably their best. At this stage, Paulhus and Steck had been replaced by Gerald O'Brien and Gary McCracken respectively. Our featured album, also released on MCA Records, again saw changes in the drumming and keyboard department, with Gary Craig replacing McCracken and Lou Pomanti replacing O'Brien. A sixth member, John Rutledge, had now joined on background vocals. The band spilt after ''West Side Kid" was released, with Albani and Brockway joining Canadian songstress Lee Aaron's band.( Original Wrabit guitarist Dave Aplin had featured on Aaron's seff-titled debut album, which came out in 1982, when he left Wrabit that year). 

Biography by Charlotte Dillon
The rock band Wrabit formed in Canada in the late '70s. Members included lead singer Lou Nadeau, keyboardist Les Paulhus, guitarists David Alpin and John Albani, drummers Scott Jefferson Steck and Gary Craigh, and bassist Chris Brockway. The group's music has been called similar to that of artists such as Eric Burdon and Kim Carnes.

Wrabit signed a deal with MCA Records and in 1979 released a debut self-titled album. A sophomore offering, Tracks, followed a year later. In 1981, Wrough & Wready was completed. One more album popped up in 1983, West Side Kid. It was the group's last new full-length recording.

In 1997 and 1998, most of the albums were reissued under the same MCA Records label. Some of the tracks fans can sample from Wrabit are "Best of Love," "Waiting," "Hold on to Me," "Piece of the Action," "Young Girl," "Say Lady Say," and "Lin." 




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Wrabit - 1981 - Wrough & Wready - 3/5

Wrabit - 1982 - Tracks - 3/5

Wrabit - 1983 - West Side Kid - 2/5



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