An Australian band of the highest order, Windchase were essentially a continuation of Sebastian Hardie, a classy guitar and organ based progressive quartet put together by guitarist Mario Millo and keyboard player Toivo Pilt. The other members of Windchase were drummer Doug Bligh and bassist Duncam McGuire. Not much is known about the band ( the liner notes on the CD are in Japanese!!!), but what we can tell you is that Sebastian Hardie released two monumental albums, "Four Moments" and "Windchase" ( don't get confused, now ) in the mid seventies, both equally good, with some stunning guitar work a la Jan Akkerman from Millo, who would appear to be very underrated. Why they dropped the Sebastian Hardie tag and took on the Windchase one is a mystery that will remain until some kind soul can translate the Jap liner notes for us. Nonetheless, the quality of musicianship in both bands is excellent and their CD's ( both SH and Windchase ) are highly recommended. Sebastian Hardie reformed for a series of live shows at Progfest a few years ago. They apparently hadn't played the songs together for years - you wouldn't say that after hearing them! These Aussies are something else - not only do they have great sportsmen, they also have very good musicians as well!
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Windchase - 1977 - Symphinity - 3.5/5



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