Wild Turkey - Riff me, Rock me, from "Stealer of Years" in 1996, their third and "comeback" album. Dinosaur Days listeners and those who have a copy of our first Dinosaur Days CD, which was released in 1998, will recognize this album, as the Wild Turkey track "Anthem of the Universe", was taken from it. Wild Turkey were formed in London in the early seventies by bassist Glenn Cornick, who was a founding member of Jethro Tull ( he appeared on "This Was", "Stand Up" and left after "Benefit" in 1970. He also appeared on Leigh Stevens' "Cast of Thousands" album, with the likes of Dick Morrissey, Dave Caswell, Lyle Jenkins and others), and vocalist Gary Pickford-Hopkins, who'd been in Eyes of Blue, Ancient Grease and Big Sleep. Other members of the band were guitarists Tweke Lewis and Jon Blackmore and drummer Jeff Jones. Their debut album, "Battle Hymn", released in 1971 on the Chrysalis label, although being quite good, was lambasted as being too run-of-the-mill. Their second album, "Turkey", saw the inclusion of keyboard player Steve Gurl ( later to join Babe Ruth ) and the replacement of Blackmore with Mick Dyche ( later to join Snips, vocalist from the Sharks, as well as joining Sniff ' n the Tears in 1978 ). The resultant album, released on Chrysalis Records in 1973, was equally as good, and the track "Good Old Days", was released as a single. The band dissolved after its release, with Lewis joining Welsh rockers Man and Cornick joining German outfit Karthago before forming Paris in 1976. Gary Pickford-Hopkins appeared with Chick Churchill, drummer for Ten 'Years After. The mid nineties saw Cornick, Lewis and Pickford-Hopkins back with Wild Turkey. This time they were joined by by drummer Brian Thomas. Is the album good? Well, we took a track from it and put it on our own CD! 


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The A-Bones
Hasil Adkins
Reverend Horton Heat

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Wild Turkey - 1971 - Battle Hymn - 3.5/5

Wild Turkey - 1972 - Turkey - 3.5/5

Wild Turkey - 1996 - Stealer of years - 1.5/5

Wild Turkey - 2000 - Love That Kills - 3/5



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