Capricorn recording artists White Witch were a sort of "glam/hard rock" outfit formed in the US, glam in the sense that make-up was very much part of their act, and hard rock in the sense that they could deliver the riffs with the best of them, similar to England's Silverhead. Led by vocalist Ronn Goedert, the band was made up of Bobby Shea on drums, Beau Fisher on bass, Buddy Pendergrass on keyboards and Buddy Richardson on guitars. Information on this great band is hard to track down, but what we can tell you is that they recorded two albums, the second one, "A spiritual Greeting", being released in 1974, for the label before splitting in the mid seventies. Goedert released a solo album in 1980 with Molly Hatchet's bassist, Riff West. Both White Witch albums were released on CD a few years ago and are worthwhile additions to your collection.
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Beau Fisher
Ron Goedert
Buddy Pendergrass
Buddy Richardson
Bobby Shea

Sea Level
Elvin Bishop
Derek & the Dominos
Delaney & Bonnie
Lynyrd Skynyrd
The Allman Brothers Band
Wet Willie
The Outlaws

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White Witch - 1972 - White Witch - 3/5

White Witch - 1974 - A Spiritual Greeting - 2/5



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