Warhorse - Red Sea, the title track of their second and final album, released on the Vertigo 'swirl' label in 1972. Warhorse were put together in1970 by bassist Nick Simper when he left Deep Purple, and after having spent a short time in singer Marsha Hunt's backing band. Rick Wakeman was the mooted keyboard player, but he moved to Yes, with ex-Velvet Fogg member Frank Wilson joining instead. Other members were Ged Peck on guitar, Mac Poole on drums and Ashley Holt on vocals. Their first self titled album, also on Vertigo, did fairly well for them, especially on the Continent, but it was this album, ''Red Sea", which featured new guitarist Peter Parks, that established them as a band to be reckoned with, alongside Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and other British heavyweights. Unfortunately they didn't last very long, splitting in 1974, with Holt becoming one of Rick Wakeman's vocalists, alongside Wild Turkey's Gary Pickford-Hopkins. Simper and Parks would later team up in Fandango, and Mac Poole ended up with Broken Glass. Simper recently appeared with the reformed Quartermass. A stunning double CD, featuring both albums in their entirety, as well as about ten previously unreleased studio and live tracks, was released a few years ago. Angel Air Records also recently released both albums, with the same unreleased tracks. Highly recommended stuff from a great British progressive hard rock band.

Warhorse - House of Dolls, a previously unreleased track from a mooted third album that was supposed to have been released in 1974. Warhorse were as good in every way as their better known and more acclaimed contemporaries such as Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. They were also one of the best bands on the Vertigo label, releasing two stunning album, "Warhorse" and "Red Sea" in the early seventies. They've already been well documented on these pages in the past, so you can refer to our write-up on this awesome UK hard rock outfit elsewhere. This track, as well as a number of other studio and live tracks, was released as a bonus track on the Angel Air Records release of both albums which came out a few years ago. Brilliant stuff and highly recommended.

Biography by Richie Unterberger
Formed in 1970 around ex-Deep Purple bassist Nick Simper, Warhorse were understandably close to early Deep Purple in their blend of keyboard-colored progressive rock and early heavy metal. The group coalesced when Simper left Deep Purple in 1969 to lead soul singer Marsha Hunt's backing band, which included Rick Wakeman on keyboards for a while. The backing band formed the nucleus of Warhorse, which recorded a couple of albums for Vertigo in the early 1970s. With their early hard rock/metal sounds and a singer (Ashley Holt) who could roll into over-serious, high stentorian vocal phrases, the group have also been compared to early Black Sabbath, although they lacked the hooks necessary to achieve the same level of success as Sabbath or Purple. Echoes of Yes (in the keyboards) and perhaps Uriah Heep can be heard as well. Warhorse broke up in 1973, with drummer Mac Poole joining Gong, and Holt and drummer Barney James (who briefly replaced Poole in Warhorse's final days) going to Rick Wakeman's band. 



Black Sabbath
Marsha Hunt
Rick Wakeman
The Groundhogs

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Warhorse - 1970 - Warhorse - 3/5

Warhorse - 1972 - Red Sea - 2/5



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