US guitarist Walter Trout formed his own band in 1989 after spending a number of years with the grandfather of blues, John Mayall. Demonstrating his Hendrix, Trower and Moore influences, he released his debut album, "Life in the Jungle", in 1990. Subsequent albums, although very good, veered in a slightly more commercial direction, obviously with the view being to attract a wider audience.He's been releasing albums fairly consistently over the years, and they all have the same high quality standard of musicianship that is expected of this seasoned guitarist. Check out his 1992 live album, "No more fish jokes".
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Walter Trout Band - 1990 - Life in the Jungle - 4/5

Walter Trout Band - 1991 - Prisoner of a Dream - 2.5/5

Walter Trout Band - 1992 - No More Fish Jokes (Live) - 3.5/5

Walter Trout Band - 1992 - Transition - 3/5

Walter Trout Band - 1994 - Tellin' Stories - 3/5

Walter Trout Band - 1995 - Breaking the Rules - 3.5/5

Walter Trout Band - 1997 - Positively Beale Street - 3/5



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