Rossi is one of Canada's best and most respected guitarist/vocalists. He's worked with the likes of Wilson Pickett, Buddy Miles and others. He earned his great reputation in the early 70's with the hard rock outfit Charlee, and he also appeared with Moonquake before embarking on a solo career in 1976. Our featured album saw Rossi employ the s ervices of Mahogany Rush's Jim Ayoub on drums. It has to be said that "Ride the Wind" must be one of the best AOR/Melodic rock/Prog rock tracks ever w ritten: short of a mean horn section, it's got everything you could wish for in a song: strings, Hammonds, great vocals, killer axework and an excellent backing band. This track is Rock Heaven deluxe and it deserves a place in the c ollection of any self-respecting lover of good music! The rest of Rossi's m aterial isn't too shabby either - all three solo albums plus a compilation are now available on CD.   
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Walter Rossi - 1976 - Walter Rossi - 3.5/5

Walter Rossi - 1978 - Six Strings, Nine Lives - 3.5/5

Walter Rossi - 1980 - Diamonds For The Kid - 4/5

Walter Rossi - 1994 - One Foot In Hell - 3.5/5

Walter Rossi - 2004 - Secret Sins - 4/5



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