Interestingly enough, this German metal act aren't featured in any of ther eference books that we have, which is a great pity, because they've released some excellent material over the years, surely enough to warrant a mentions omewhere! As far as can be ascertained, this was their second album and came out around 1986. The band basically evolved out of a popular late seventies/early eighties German rock outfit called Fargo, who released four credible albums. Bassist Peter Knorn and guitarist/vocalist Peter Ladwig formed Victory in the mid eighties with ex-Ted Nugent band guitarist/vocalist Charlie Huhn. They were joined by guitarist/vocalist John Lockton, ex-Wild Horses,( apparently American vocalist Ted Bullet was turned down at the audition. He went on to form the amazing Thunderhead), guitarist Tommy Newton (who is now a famous producer) and drummer Bernie van der Graaf. "Victory", their sel-titled debut, was released on CBS Records in 1985. It's not know how well the album did, but the second album, which featured ex-Eloy drummer Fritz Randow in place of van der Graaf, and Charlie Huhn now on lead vocals, and guitarist Herman Frank in place of Lockton, was a step in the right direction. This line-up stayed constant for the following album, "Hungry Hearts", which helped establish them as a very good live act, as demonstrated in their excellent "That's Live" album, released in 1988. Fernando Garcia replaced Huhn, who joined Axel Rudi Pell's band, for the following album, "Culture Killed the Native'', released in 1989, and this line-up was stable for the next three albums, "Temples of Gold" in 1990, "You bought it, you name it" in 1992 and 1993's great double live album, "Liveline". No new Victory albums appeared to be released for a few years and seemed as if the band had split. That is, until the "Voiceprint" album, featuring new members Jake Paland on guitars and Matthias Liebetruth on drums, was released in the late nineties. Victory were back with a really good album, and it was good to see that they hadn't lost their biting, hard rock feel that made them one of the better hard rock bands on the German scene. Fritz Randow, by the way, joined Saxon and features with the legendary pommie metal act on their latest album, "Metalhead".
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Hermann Frank
Charlie Huhn
Peter Knorn
Tommy Newton
Fritz Randow
Jake Paland
Matthias Liebetruth


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Victory - 1985 - Victory - 4/5

Victory - 1986 - Don't Get Mad...Get Even - 3/5

Victory - 1988 - Culture Killed the Native - 3.5/5

Victory - 1988 - Hungry Hearst - 3/5

Victory - 1988 - That's Live - 3/5

Victory - 1992 - You Bought it-You Name It - 4/5

Victory - 2003 - Instinct - 3.5/5

Victory - 2006 - Fuel to the Fire - 3/5



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