Heep went on to become one of the world's best bands, selling millions of albums. The press didn't seem too crazy about the band formed by vocalist David Byron and guitarist, Mick Box, both of whom had been in Spice ( not a girl among them, you know ). The punters, it seemed, didn't share their sentiments - they loved them! Ex-Gods and Toefat guitarist/keyboard player and vocalist Ken Hensley, joined the band, as did bassist Paul Newton and drummer Al Napier ( Heep would go through numerous drummers before finding the all important missing link who would go on to contribute so much to the band's sound, the great Lee Kerslake,another ex member of The Gods and Toefat ). Bassist Gary Thain, a New Zealander who'd been in Keef Hartley's band, completed the quintet and this awesome line-up would record five albums together, including one of the greatest live albums ever recorded, "Uriah Heep - Live 1973". Turbulent and tragic times lay ahead: Gary Thain succumed to the evil of drugs and died on March 19, 1976. David Byron, arguably one of rock's finest vocalists, was forced to leave in the mid seventies. He formed Rough Diamond with ex-Colosseum guitarist Clem Clempson. Byron was unfortunately another one of rocks' many tragedies, dying on 28 February
Uriah Heep - The Easy Road, taken off "Wonderworld" in 1974, their eighth album. A tribute to vocalist David Byron, who died on 28th February 1985, another tragic victim of excess. Byron formed the band with guitarist/vocalist Mick Box in the late sixties. They'd both been in an outfit called The Stalkers during the mid sixties, and when The Stalkers split up, they evolved into Spice, which finally evolved into Uriah Heep. Keyboard player/guitarist Ken Hensley, previously of The Gods and Toefat and Paul Newton, also of The Gods, joined the band, as did drummer Al Napier. Lee Kerslake, Hensley's buddy in Toefat, joined the band from the fourth album, "Demons and Wizards", onwards. Bassist Gary Thain, previously of Keef Hartley's band, also joined at this time, and it was to become Uriah Heep's most successful era. They recorded five albums together before a number of major changes occurred: Thain died and was replaced by King Crimson's John Wetton. Byron left to form his own band and was replaced by Lucifer's Friend's vocalist John Lawton. The band are still around today, with Box and Kerslake the only two members remaining from the early days. They still know how to write great songs and Mick Box still has few equals in the guitar stakes ( he must have been born with a guitar in his hand and a wah wah pedal strapped to his foot! ).
Uriah Heep are featured on the new Dinosaur Days CD.

1985. Numerous musicians and singers came and went over the years, but it was the dynamic Mick Box, one of the world's best guitarists and a really decent person to boot, who kept the band alive, and he has done so to this day. Lee Kerslake is also still there, and together they've ensured that the great institution that is Uriah Heep, can still hold it's head high, still 'eavy and still proud. "Sonic Origami", their 1998 release, is ample proof of that.

Uriah Heep 
Uriah Heep - Gypsy, taken off "Live in Europe 1979", originally released in 1987 and recently released on CD. (Uriah Heep are the subject of this week's Dino Quiz, number 161, and a copy of this double CD is the giveaway prize). This fantastic album, recorded during their European tour of 1979, featured ex-Lucifer's Friend vocalist, John Lawton, who replaced David Byron (who went on to form Rough Diamond) in 1976. Lawton featured on three of Heep's albums, 1977's "Firefly", 1978's "Innocent Victim" and 1979's "Fallen Angel". At this stage, ex-David Bowie bassist Trevor Bolder had replaced John Wetton, who, in turn, had replaced the late Gary Thain. Lawton was replaced by ex-Lone Star vocalist John Sloman, a move felt by many to be a great mistake, and it was just after the release of 1980's "Conquest" album that keyboard player/guitarist/vocalist and principle songwriter Ken Hensley departed,( to join Blackfoot), leaving guitarist Mick Box the task of picking up the pieces. Other members came and went, notably Trapeze vocalist Pete Goalby, bassist Bob Daisley and keyboard player John Sinclair, before vocalist Bernie Shaw and keyboard player Phil Lanzon, both ex-Grand Prix, were recruited in the late eighties, and the line up of Box, Lanzon, drummer Lee Kerslake, Shaw and Bolder are still together today. Their latest studio album "Sonic Origami" is testimony to the fact that they are still one of rock music's best ever bands. 

Uriah Heep 
Uriah Heep - Sunrise, from "The Magician's Birthday" in 1972, their 5th album. We start off this week with one or two dedications to famous musicians who are no longer with us. Vocalist David Byron (born David Garrick on 29 January 1947), widely considered to be one of the best rock vocalists around at the time, was one of the original Uriah Heep members and appeared on the band's first ten albums, recorded between 1970 and 1976. He left Heep in 1976, forming Rough Diamond with guitarist Clem Clempson, releasing their self-titled album the following year. He also released five solo albums under his own name as well as under The David Byron Band. He died of a heart attack on 28 February 1985. In the meantime, Uriah Heep continued with a number of other vocalists, namely John Wetton, John Lawton, Pete Goalby and Bernie Shaw, who is still with the band today. A new live Heep album has recently been released. 

Uriah Heep 
Uriah Heep - I Hear Voices, from their brilliant "Future Echoes of the Past" double live album, released this year (also available on DVD, by the way). We featured this album, which was recorded in Munich in late 1999 as part of the band's 30 Year Anniversary tour, in the new releases slot a few weeks ago, so you can read up on it there. This week, though, we're happy to announce that the band are the subject of the Dino Quiz (number 313), and that a copy of the album is the giveaway prize. The current line-up of (only remaining) original member, guitarist/vocalist Mick Box, b assist Trevor Bolder, drummer Lee Kerslake, keyboard player Phil Lanzon and vocalist Bernie Shaw has been together the longest out of all the Heep line-ups, 15 or so years, to be exact. You have to watch the DVD to realize just how p olished and professional this legendary UK outfit are - they're sounding better now than they ever have. If you're keen to get your hands on a number of exclusive collectors items in the form of signed copies of our featured album, as well as the DVD or video (with the same title), in addition to an Acoustically Driven CD and video/DVD, none of which are available in stores, you can contact the Uriah Heep Mail Order Hotline on 0944 17892 92779, or visit www.uriah-heep.com This true "legend in rock" have recently completed a number of sold-out gigs in the UK with Nazareth and Stray and, according to reports, are still one of the best live acts around. Question: Who is the only remaining original member of Uriah Heep? 


1970 Uriah Heep Pop Albums 186
1971 Look At Yourself Pop Albums 93
1971 Salisbury Pop Albums 103
1972 Demons And Wizards Pop Albums 23
1973 Sweet Freedom Pop Albums 33
1973 Uriah Heep Live Pop Albums 37
1973 The Magician's Birthday Pop Albums 31
1974 Wonderworld Pop Albums 38
1975 Return To Fantasy Pop Albums 85
1976 High And Mighty Pop Albums 161
1976 The Best Of Uriah Heep Pop Albums 145
1977 Firefly Pop Albums 166
1978 Fallen Angel Pop Albums 186
1982 Abominog Pop Albums 56
1983 Head First Pop Albums 159

1972 Easy Livin Pop Singles 39
1973 Blind Eye Pop Singles 97
1973 Stealin' Pop Singles 91
1973 Sweet Lorraine Pop Singles 91
1982 That's The Way That It Is Mainstream Rock 25


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John Wetton
David Byron
Ken Hensley
John Lawton
Keith Baker
Trevor Bolder
Mick Box
Ian Clarke
Mark Clarke
Bob Daisley
Peter Goalby
Lee Kerslake
Phil Lanzon
Al Napier
Paul Newton
Nigel Olsson
Bernard Shaw
Chris Slade
John Sloman
Gary Thain
Jon Sinclair

Wishbone Ash
Black Sabbath
Rainbow & Stars
Thin Lizzy
Ian Gillan
Spooky Tooth
David Bowie

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Uriah Heep - 1970 - veryeavyveryumble - 2.5/5

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Uriah Heep - 1972 - demons and Wizards - 4.5/5

Uriah Heep - 1972 - magicians birthday - 3/5

Uriah Heep - 1973 - live - 2/5

Uriah Heep - 1973 - sweet freedom - 3/5

Uriah Heep - 1973 - wonderworld - 2.5/5

Uriah Heep - 1975 - return to fantasy - 3/5

Uriah Heep - 1976 - high and mighty - 2/5

Uriah Heep - 1977 - firefly - 3/5

Uriah Heep - 1977 - innocent victim - 2.5/5

Uriah Heep - 1978 - fallen angel - 2.5/5

Uriah Heep - 1980 - conquest - 3/5

Uriah Heep - 1982 - abonimorg - 4.5/5

Uriah Heep - 1983 - head first - 2.5/5

Uriah Heep - 1985 - equator - 1.5/5

Uriah Heep - 1989 - raging silence - 2/5

Uriah Heep - 1994 - different world - 1.5/5

Uriah Heep - 1995 - sea of light - 3/5

Uriah Heep - 1999 - sonic origami - 2.5/5



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