Uli Jon Roth and Electric Sun - Electric Sun, taken off his first solo album, "Earthquake", released in 1979. German guitarist Uli Jon Roth originally came to prominence in 1973 when he replaced Michael Schenker in The Scorpions.( Schenker had been approached to join UK rockers UFO ). Roth recorded four studio albums and an excellent live album with The Scorpions before leaving in 1978, ironically to be replaced by the returning Michael Schenker. He recorded this first solo album in London with drummer Clive Edwards (later to be replaced by Sidhatta Gautama when Edwards moved on to Wild Horses) and bassist Ule Ritge. Roth makes no secret of the fact that he's heavily influenced by Hendrix, and comparisons with the great man are unavoidable. Nonetheless, Roth is undoubtedly an excellent guitarist, and this fact was well demonstrated on his second album, "Firewind", released in 1981, although the music was often let down by Roth's strange vocals. A third album, arguably his best, was released in 1985. Called "Beyond the Astral Skies", it took four years to complete, but it revealed a great leap forward by Roth. In addition to jazz and rock pieces, there were also neo-classical movements which allowed Roth free reign to indulge his musical ability and technique. This time round, though, Roth had some help in the vocal department, one of the various singers being Nicky Moore of Hackensack/Samson fame.

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