Truk - Max, from "Truk Trax", their sole album, released in 1971. Leon was introduced to this band by Igor, a guy he met on the web through the Captain Beyond website. Vocalist Willy Daffern (aka Willy Dee) sang with Truk, as well as with Hunger, prior to joining Captain Beyond on their "Dawn Explosion" album in 1977. He also featured with Pipedream,A brupt Edge and G Force, with Gary Moore, and he also showed his talent onG erman fusion keyboard player Joachim Kuhn's "Sunshower" album in1 978. He recently formed an outfit called ZoomLenz and featured on the recent tribute to Captain Beyond album. Great stuff from a great vocalist - his vocals on Dawn Explosion helped to make it one of the best rock albums of the mid to late seventies.

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Truk - 1971 - Truk Tracks - 3.5/5



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