Trooper were a Canadian hard rock outfit discovered by Brave Belt/BTO's Randy Bachman in the mid seventies. Bachman invited them to tour with BTO and he ended up playing guitar on a few of their earlier albums, in addition to doing production work for them. The band's initial line-up was Ra MaGuire on vocals, Harry Kalensky (later replaced by Doni Underhill) on bass, Brian Smith on guitars, Tommy Stewart on drums, and Bachman on second guitar. They signed to MCA Records and released their debut, self-titled album in 1975. Keyboard player Frank Ludwig ( who later formed Ironhorse with the prolific Bachman in 1979 and Union in 1981), was added from the second album, "Two for the show", onwards. They became quite popular in their home country and won a reputation for delivering hard hitting metal of above average standards. The early eighties saw them move into AOR territory and they became more commercial with each subsequent release. A final album, "Money Talks", was released in 1982, and the band "scattered to the four winds", but didn't break up nor play any gigs. Ra McGuire and Brian Smith got together in the mid eighties to write more songs and were lured back to the stage by an offer to play in a nightclub. They discovered that they still had a loyal fan base, and this prompted them to record and release an album in 1989. Called "The Last of the Gypsies", it featured McGuire and Smith, together with drummer Mike Schmidt, keyboard player Blaine Smith and bassist Larry Church. The album was one of the best Trooper albums ever and it gave hope that the band were back to their old style. Unfortunately, true to its title, that appeared to be the final offering from this great band that, consistent with most bands from Canada, contributed some really memorable music to the world.
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Biography by John Bush
Vocalist Ramon McGuire formed Trooper (originally Applejack and later Winters Green) in 1972. By 1974 they had added drummer Tommy Stewart and bassist Harry Kalinsky. After hearing Trooper play, Randy Bachman signed the band for his Legend label and released "Baby Woncha Please Come Home" in 1975. The group's self-titled debut appeared the same year; it was followed by Two for the Show (1976). Soon after, Frank Ludwig became Trooper's piano player and Kalinsky was replaced by Doni Underhill. Ludwig played on Knock 'Em Dead Kid (1977), Thick as Thieves (1978), Flying Colors (1979) and Hot Shots (1979), but was then replaced by Rob Deans. The Last of the Gypsies (1989) and Ten (1991) were the last albums recorded for Warner Music, but Trooper is still active. 



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Trooper - 1976 - Trooper - 2/5

Trooper - 1976 - Two for the Show - 3/5

Trooper - 1977 - Knock 'em Dead Kid - 4/5

Trooper - 1978 - Thick as Thieves - 2/5

Trooper - 1979 - Flying Colors - 1.5/5

Trooper - 1980 - Hot Shots - 4/5

Trooper - 1980 - Trooper - 1.5/5

Trooper - 1982 - Money Talks - 1.5/5

Trooper - 1989 - The Last of the Gypsies - 4.5/5



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