Trevor Rabin is one of South Africa's best and most successful and most famous musicians. In the South African context, he's probably best known for forming teenybopper rockers Rabbit when he was just 14 years old. Rabbit went on to release two albums in the seventies, both of which attained gold status. Rabin moved to the UK in 1977 and signed to Chrysalis Records, releasing his debut album in 1978. Our featured album, arguably his best solo effort, featured the likes of bassists Mo Foster and Jack Bruce, drummer Simon Phillips and keyboard players, fellow South African Manfred Mann and John Bundrick. It would be nearly ten years before Rabin released his 4th solo album, 1989's " Can't Look Away", but it was during the early to mid-eighties that Rabin's true genius was realized. This was when he joined UK prog outfit Yes and played an important role in reviving this legendary band whose popularity had appeared to take a serious dive. Rabin also featured with the likes of Jon 'Yes' Anderson, Marc Jordan, Manfred Mann, Noel McCalla and Paul Young and The Streetband. He also tried his hand at producing the UK's Wild Horses in the early 80's. He's talents have no boundaries - he's now involved in movie scores. Oh yes, not only is he a good singer as well, but he's a damn fine guitarist, one of the best in the world, in fact.   

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Biography by Gary Hill
Trevor Rabinwas born in South Africa in 1954. He first began playing guitar at the age of 12 after having had piano lessons since he was a toddler. He formed his first band in 1968, at only 14 years old. After being drafted, Rabin played both guitar and bass in the entertainment unit. He began doing session work after his discharge from the military in 1972. It was also that same year that he hooked up with a group of musicians who began recording as Rabbit. That group recorded a total of two albums over the next few years. By 1978, Rabin had left the group and began releasing solo albums. By 1981, he had released three solo albums and attracted the attention of Chris Squire. Squire, at that time, was fresh out of the recently broken-up Yes. Squire contacted Rabin about joining a new group he was assembling called, Cinema. At that point, Cinema was Squire and Yes drummer Alan White. During the work on their debut album (with original Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye having been added to the lineup), Jon Anderson became involved in the project. After his vocals were added to the music, the group decided that this was really Yes and they made that name change. The resulting album, 90125, became the biggest hit the group has ever had, and the single "Owner of a Lonely Heart" catapulted them onto MTV. Rabin stayed with Yes until 1995, releasing four studio albums during that time (the aforementioned 90125, Big Generator, Union, and Talk). Rabin also found time to release another solo album, Can't Look Away, while still in the group. Since 1995, he has been using the majority of his musical talents on movie soundtracks. He has worked in various capacities on film soundtracks such as Glimmer Man, Enemy of the State, Armageddon, Con Air, and others. He also put in a guest appearance on Rick Wakeman's Return to the Centre of the Earth album. 



Chris Rea
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Trevor Rabin - 1978 - Trevor Rabin - 2/5

Trevor Rabin - 1979 - Face to Face - 3/5

Trevor Rabin - 1981 - Wolf - 3/5

Trevor Rabin - 1989 - Can't Look Away - 3/5

Trevor Rabin - 1996 - The Glimmer Man (OST) - 4/5

Trevor Rabin - 1998 - Armageddon (OST) - 4/5

Trevor Rabin - 1998 - Enemy of the State (OST) - 3.5/5

Trevor Rabin - 1999 - Deep Blue Sea (OST) - 5/5

Trevor Rabin - 2000 - Gone in 60 Seconds (OST) - 3/5

Trevor Rabin - 2000 - The 6th Day (OST) - 2.5/5

Trevor Rabin - 2001 - American Outlaws (OST) - 3/5

Trevor Rabin - 2001 - Remember the Titans (OST) - 4/5

Trevor Rabin - 2001 - The One (OST) - 2/5

Trevor Rabin - 2003 - 90124 - 3.5/5

Trevor Rabin - 2003 - Beginnings - 4/5

Trevor Rabin - 2003 - Live in L.A. - 4/5

Trevor Rabin - 2004 - National Treasure (OST) - 3/5

Trevor Rabin - 2005 - The Great Raid (Original Score) - 2.5/5

Trevor Rabin - 2006 - Flyboys (OST) - 3/5

Trevor Rabin - 2006 - Gridiron Gang (OST) - 3/5



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