We don't know too much about this talented young guitarist other than the fact that he has the potential to go very far. He's definitely been influenced by the likes of Hendrix and others, but has his own style which sets him apart from the many "solo" guitarists doing the rounds nowadays. This album, released on Blues Bureau International, features John Onder on bass and Aynsley "Doesn't he get around?" Dunbar on drums, and, as far as we know, Spinner has recorded three albums for the label, the latest being 1996's "Crosstown Sessions", although it's highly likely that he's released further albums - he's too good and too talented NOT to have carried on!
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Tony Spinner - 1993 - Saturn Blues - 4/5

Tony Spinner - 1995 - My '64 - 4/5

Tony Spinner - 1996 - Crosstown Sessions - 2.5/5



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