Vocalist Tony Martin joined Black Sabbath in 1987 for the "Eternal Idol" album, replacing Glenn Hughes ( Joshua's Jeff Fenholt and Badland's Ray Gillen had also had short stints with the band when they were "between" vocalists). Martin, one of the best voices in hard rock, was with Sabbath for three albums before being replaced, firstly by Judas Priest's Rob Halford and then by the returning Ronnie James Dio. It was at this stage that he released his stunning solo album, utilizing the services of Geoff Nicholls (Sabbath's excellent keyboard player, previously with Quartz), second keyboard player Richard Cottle, bassist Neil Murray and Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler, amongst others. Martin also has the opportunity to demonstrate what a good guitarist he is, in addition to being a good singer and songwriter. He's stop-start career with Sabbath continued when he returned to the band in 1994 and he once again remained for a couple of albums, only to be booted out in the mid to late nineties, this time replaced by Ozzy for the Sabbath reunion. Not to be outdone, he's subsequently been collaborating with a few Italian guitarists, Dario Mollo and Aldo Giuntini, and two albums, Mollo/Martin's The Cage and The Giuntini Project 2, were released in 1998/1999., with Tony Martin as good as he ever was. What's up for grabs this week is a copy of The Giuntini Project 2 album.
Question: What famous band did Tony Martin sing with before recording his first solo album?
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Tony Martin - 1992 - Back Where I Belong - 3.5/5

Tony Martin - 2005 - Scream - 4/5



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