Tollhouse - Pictures, taken off their debut, and only, self-titled album, released in 1978. Tollhouse was a German supergroup of sorts, formed by ex-Birth Control guitarist Dirk Steffens ( who, incidentally, also appears on our first Dinosaur Days CD! What makes you think we're trying to punt the album??) and vocalist Ian Cussick, who also appeared on Steffens' solo album, "The Seventh Step", released in 1976. The album, released on Nova Records, also featured the likes of Jean Jacques Kravetz ( Frumpy, Atlantis, Randy Pie ), Rolf Kohler ( To Be,Tokyo and Steffens' solo album ) and Peter Franken ( Blonker and others). It's a pity this band weren't given the acclaim they deserved as they showed great promise, even though their sound veered in a more American AOR direction, on a par with Lake. 


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Tollhouse - 1978 - Tollhouse - 3/5



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