Toe Fat - Midnight Sun, from "Toefat 2", their final album, released in 1970. Staying with the British progressives, we present an excellent outfit formed by ex-Rebel Rousers vocalist Cliff Bennett, who'd also previously fronted his own Cliff Bennett Band, which featured ex-Gods guitarist Ken Hensley. Bennett formed the band in June 1969, together with Hensley and fellow Gods members, drummer Lee Kerslake and bassist John Konas. They released their now fairly collectible,self-titled debut album in 1970 on the Parlophone record label in the UK and on Rare Earth Records in the US. The album also featured "Mox" on flute and harmonica. They toured the US, once supporting Derek and the Dominoes and were apparently well received, but both Hensley and Kerslake left to join Uriah Heep and National Head Band respectively, although Kerslake also later joined Heep and was an integral part of their classic line-up, a position he's held to this day. The Glasscock brothers, John and Brian on bass and drums respectively, filled the gaps vacated by the now too departed Konas and Kerslake, with Alan Kendall( ex-Glass Menagerie) replacing Hensley, who, as anybody worth his salt knows, is equally as good on the keyboards as he is on guitar. This new line-up released this second album, which was actually better than the debut and features a bluesier side to this sadly underrated band. When Toe Fat disbanded, Bennett ended up in Rebellion and later in Shanghai. John Glasscock later featured with Chicken Shack and Jethro Tull, but sadly died during heart surgery in November 1979. Alan Kendall was later in the Bee Gees' backing band, as was Brian Glasscock, who later became a founding member of The Motels in 1979. Both Toe Fat albums are available on CD and are worth investigating.

Biography by Bruce Eder
At the end of 1969, Cliff Bennett had seemingly run out his string as a British Invasion-era star. Seeking a new sound and image, he hooked up with keyboard player/singer Ken Hensley, bassist John Glascock, and drummer Lee Kerslake, all of whom had previously played with a group called the Gods (who later became known for having Greg Lake, in his pre-King Crimson days, as a member). For unknown reasons, they christened themselves Toe Fat and managed to get signed to Parlophone and then to Regal Zonophone in England, with their albums appearing in America on the Rare Earth label. Their mix of blues and progressive rock wasn't the most commercial of sounds in any case, and the grotesque cover art on the group's two LPs seemed to repel potential purchasers. By 1970, Hensley had left to hook up with David Byron and Mick Box in what would become Uriah Heep, and Kerslake followed his lead out of Toe Fat. Brian Glascock came in on drums and Alan Kendall joined on guitar for one U.S. tour, but the group finally split up in 1972. Kerslake subsequently re-teamed with Hensley and joined Uriah Heep, while John Glascock later joined Jethro Tull and Alan Kendall joined the Bee Gees, initially as a session guitarist and later as a permanent bandmember, where he remained until the early '80s. Toe Fat's two LPs were reissued on a single CD in the mid-'90s by the Beat Goes On label. 


Cliff Bennett
Ken Hensley
John Glascock
Lee Kerslake

Jethro Tull

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Toe Fat - 1970 - Toe Fat - 3.5/5

Toe Fat - 1971 - Toe Fat Two - 3.5/5



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