Toad were a Swiss hard rock outfit formed by ex-Brainticket members, drummer Cosimo Lampis and bassist Werni Froehlich.(Brainticket's debut album, released in 1971, was actually called "Cottonwood Hill"!).They were joined by guitarist Vic Vergeat and vocalist Benni Jager and they recorded this brilliant album in London. Basically a great combination of hard rock and blues, it established the band as one of the best of the genre and they toured with some of the big names of the day. Jager left after the debut album and the band trimmed down to a trio, with Vergeat handling most of the vocals. Two further album, "Tomorrow Blue" and "Dreams" were released before the band split up. This debut is arguably their best effort, although the other two albums certainly had their moments too. Toad were always one of those "mystery" bands that no-one ever really knew much about, which is a great pity, because they were really good. The Italian Arkama Record label has recently rectified the situation: they recently released all three albums in a lavish boxed set, complete with extensive booklet and poster, similar to what they did for US outfit Damnation, a band we featured a few months ago. Good on them for reviving the memory of this excellent band! A fourth Toad album, "Hate to Hate", was released in 1993, as was a rarities album on the Aurophon label in 1992. All the various members also had other projects which are documented in the booklet.
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Werner Frohlich
Cosimo Lampis
Vittorio Vergeat

Sir Lord Baltimore
Socrates Drank the Conium

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Toad - 1972 - Toad - 4/5

Toad - 1973 - Tomorrow Blue - 4/5

Toad - 1974 - Dreams - 3/5

Toad - 1993 - Stop This Crime - 2/5

Toad - 2003 - B.U.F.O (Blues United Fighting Organisation) - 3.5/5

Toad - 2004 - Behind the Wheels - 4/5

Toad - 2005 - Open Fire-Live in Basel 1972 - 4.5/5

Toad - 2006 - The Real Thing - 4/5



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