They've released three albums and they're a band to watch out for - they're going to make a lot of people sit up and take note. Mixed by Terry Brown of Rush fame. Visit their website.
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Biography by David White
Tiles is a classic hard rock/progressive rock band very reminiscent of Rush. Tiles was formed in 1993 featuring Paul Rarick on vocals, Chris Herin on lead guitar, Jeff Whittle on bass and Mark Evans on drums. After much success on their local Detroit music scene, Tiles' self-titled debut was released in 1994. Buoyed by success in Japan and Europe, Tiles' second album, Fence the Clear was released in 1997 with new drummer Pat Deleon. This second album was produced by longtime Rush producer Terry Brown and showed Tiles developing their individual style into an excellent 1990s progressive hard rock sound. Third album Presents of Mind appeared in 1999. 




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Tiles - 1995 - Tiles - 2.5/5

Tiles - 1997 - Fence the Clear - 4/5

Tiles - 1999 - Presents of Mind - 3/5

Tiles - 2000 - Presence in Europe 1999 - 4/5

Tiles - 2004 - Window Dressing - 3.5/5



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