The Sharks - Sophistication, taken off their second and final album, "Jab it in your eye", released in 1974. The Sharks were an extremely competent short-lived UK outfit put together by Free bassist, Andy Fraser, Nucleus guitarist Chris Spedding, vocalist Snips and drummer Marty Simon ( Eno ). Fraser left after the band's first album and was replaced by Busta Cherry Jones ( Chris Jagger ), and they were joined by keyboard player Nick Judd for this second and final album. Their music, oddly enough, reminds one a bit of Free, and it's a pity that they didn't go on to greater things. Fraser went on to work under his own name, as did Spedding, who revived The Sharks in the late nineties. A third album was released in 1998.

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Narvel Felts

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The Sharks - 1973 - First Water - 4/5

The Sharks - 1974 - Jab It In Yore Eye - 3/5

The Sharks - 1998 - Like A Black Van Parked On A Dark Curve... - 3/5



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