US Metal act The Rods were formed in New York in 1980 by ex-Elf guitarist David Feinstein (Ronnie James Dio's cousin). Bassist Steve Farmer and drummer Carl Canedy completed this power trio, who released their debut album, "Rock Hard", in 1980, on the Primal label. The release of this rough and ready album led to a deal with Arista Records, and they released their first (self titled) album for the label in 1981. (This was actually a re-mixed version of "Rock Hard" with three additional tracks). At this stage, Gary Bordonaro had replaced Steve Farmer, and this revamped line-up went on to release a further four albums, our featured one included. "Let them Eat Metal" was definitely one of The Rods' best albums. It's controversial cover of a lusty bimbo with a vibrator in a banana peel even raised a few stirs on the Phil Donaghue show in the US! That aside, and although the album was a marked improvement over their earlier material, the album failed to sell and the band then branched into a more melodic rock direction, with new members Rick Caudle on vocals, Emma Zale on keyboards and Andy McDonald on guitars. They later returned to a trio when ex-Picture vocalist Avigal Shmoulic and Craig Gruber (also ex-Rainbow, replacing Bordonaro), joined. A final album, "Holier than Thou", was released in 1987, but, having blown their bolt, The Rods finally split that year.  
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Garry Bordonaro
Carl Canedy
David Feinstein
Stephen Starmer


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The Rods - 1981 - The rods - 3.5/5

The Rods - 1982 - Wild Dogs - 3/5

The Rods - 1983 - In the Raw - 3/5

The Rods - 1983 - Live - 3.5/5

The Rods - 1984 - Let Them Eat Metal - 3.5/5

The Rods - 1986 - Hollywood - 3/5

The Rods - 1987 - Heavier Than Thou - 1.5/5



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