The Quill - Mercury, from "Silver Haze", we think, their second album, released in 1999. The Quill are Sweden's answer to Spirit Caravan, although in this instance, The Quill are a quartet and not a trio. The members of the band are George Atlagic on drums, Roger Nilsson on bass, Christian Carlsson on guitars and Magnus Ekwall on vocals. They're one of many countless excellent bands of all types to come out of Sweden, and they even give the great Spiritual Beggars a run for their money. 

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The Quill - 1970 - The Quill - 4/5

The Quill - 1999 - Silver Haze - 3.5/5

The Quill - 2002 - Voodoo Caravan - 4/5

The Quill - 2003 - Hooray, It's a Deathtrip - 4/5

The Quill - 2006 - In Triumph - 3.5/5



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