The Outlaws were formed by guitarists Hughie Thomasson, Billy Jones and Henry Paul, bassist Frank O'Keefe and drummer Monte Yoho in the early 70's. They released their first album on Arista Records in 1975 ( they were one of the label's first signings ). The album peaked at number 13 on the Billboard charts, later going gold. The "four man guitar army ", as they were affectionately known, went on to record a total of 9 albums before being put on ice in the late 80's. Thomasson reformed the band in the 90's, and two albums for Blues Bureau International were released. He's currently one of the guitarists in Lynyrd Skynyrd. Visit their website.
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Biography by Jason Ankeny
Southern rock unit the Outlaws was formed in Tampa, FL in 1972 by singers/guitarists Hughie Thomasson and Henry Paul, bassist Frank O'Keefe, and drummer Monte Yoho. With the 1973 addition of guitarist Billy Jones, the lineup was complete, and after a year of intense touring the band became the first act signed to Arista under Clive Davis; the Outlaws' self-titled 1975 album spotlighted their Eagles-influenced harmonies and Allman Brothers-like guitar attack, yielding the Top 40 hit "There Goes Another Love Song." In the wake of 1977's Bill Szymczyk-produced Hurry Sundown, both Paul and O'Keefe exited, with guitarist Freddie Salem, bassist Harvey Dalton Arnold, and second drummer David Dix signing on for the 1978 concert set Bring It Back Alive and the studio effort Playin' to Win. Salem was the next to go, and the lineup shuffles continued when Arnold announced his departure following 1979's In the Eye of the Storm, with bassist Rick Cua recruited for the next year's Ghost Riders in the Sky, which netted a Top 40 entry with its title track, a rendition of the Vaughn Monroe favorite. Yoho left to rejoin Henry Paul soon after, and with the subsequent exit of Jones, only Thomasson remained from the original Outlaws roster — not surprisingly, the group disbanded upon completing 1982's Los Hombres Malo. A year later Thomasson and Paul formed a new Outlaws lineup, adding guitarist Chris Hicks, bassist Barry Borden, and drummer Jeff Howell; after issuing 1986's Soldiers of Fortune, Paul again quit the band, with the remaining quartet returning in 1993 with Hittin' the Road. While Paul resurfaced in 1994 in the chart-topping contemporary country band Blackhawk, Thomasson later toured with the reformed Lynyrd Skynyrd while continuing to lead the Outlaws, releasing So-Low in 2000. Sadly, Jones and O'Keefe died within three weeks of one another in early 1985.


Rick Cua
Henry Paul
Freddie Salem
Harvey Dalton Arnold
Barry "B.B." Borden
David Dix
Chris Hicks
Bill Jones
Frank O'Keefe
Gary Rossington
Hughie Thomasson
Mike Varney
Monte Yoho
B.B. Borden
Jeff Howell

.38 Special
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Charlie Daniels
The Dixie Dregs
Gregg Allman
Allman and Woman
Wet Willie
Johnny Van Zant
The Marshall Tucker Band
Molly Hatchet
Great Southern Memphis Section
Rossington Collins Band
Dickey Betts
Atlanta Rhythm Section


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The Outlaws - 1975 - The Outlaws - 4/5

The Outlaws - 1976 - Lady in Waiting - 3/5

The Outlaws - 1977 - Hurry Sundown - 3/5

The Outlaws - 1978 - Bring It Back Alive - 2.5/5

The Outlaws - 1978 - Playin' to Win - 2.5/5

The Outlaws - 1979 - In the Eye of the Storm - 2/5

The Outlaws - 1980 - Ghost Riders - 3/5

The Outlaws - 1982 - Los Hombres Malo - 2/5

The Outlaws - 1986 - Soldiers of Fortune - 3/5

The Outlaws - 1994 - Diablo Canyon - 3.5/5

The Outlaws - 1997 - Reunion - 4/5

The Outlaws - 1999 - There Goes Another Love Song - 3/5

The Outlaws - 2000 - So Low - 3.5/5

The Outlaws - 2004 - Too Many Fools Following Too Many Rules - 4/5



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