The Hunt - If only we had tried, from "Back on the Hunt" in 1980, their 2nd album. The Hunt were a Canadian hard rock outfit formed in the late 70's, evolving out of early seventies rockers, Dillinger, who we featured a short while ago on the show. The band's initial line-up included guitarist/vocalist Paul Dickinson, drummer Paul Kersey and bassist Brian Gagren. They released their Free and Moxy inspired self-titled album in 1979, and they showed a lot of promise. Our featured album saw the addition of vocalist Steve Vaughan and was better than the debut. A third album, "Thrill of the Kill", came out in 1982 and it featured Carl Calvert in place of Gagren. It's a great pity that they didn't go any further as they had the potential to be huge. Paul Kersey also worked with Max Webster. 

Biography by Charlotte Dillon
The Toronto, Canada, rock group known as the Hunt formed in 1977 and was pieced together after the death of another '70s band, Dillinger. The Hunt dropped some artists from its lineup, added others, and moved to a harder rock sound. Members of the new formation, at least at one point of its existence or another, were guitarists Paul Dickinson and Paul Cockburn, drummer and percussionist Paul Kersey, keyboardist Jacques Harrison, keyboardist and bassist Gerry Mosby, bassist Carl Calvert, and guitarist and bassist Brian Gagnon. Most of the guys also provided vocals. The Hunt recorded a number of singles and a few albums before calling it quits in 1984.

The same year the Hunt formed, its self-titled debut album hit the market. Surprisingly, the album did better in parts of the United States than in the band's Canadian homeland. It took three long years before a sophomore album, Back on the Hunt, was completed. Two more years went by, and then The Thrill of the Kill arrived on store shelves in 1982. Maybe the large gap between recordings had something to do with the small measure of success the Hunt reached. Whatever the cause, by 1984 things weren't going well enough to support keeping the band together. A number of the guys gave up music completely.

Some of the tunes fans will find on the albums the Hunt released include "Stand in the Road," "Tell Me Why," "What Good Is Love," "Great Divide," "Seeing It Through," "Time Goes On," and "She Flew Freely."




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The Hunt - 1980 - Back on the Hunt - 2/5

The Hunt - 1982 - The Thrill of the Kill - 3/5

The Hunt - 1999 - The Hunt - 4/5



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