The Greatest Show on Earth - Borderline, taken off the second and final album from this talented British brass rock outfit, "The Going's Easy", released in 1970.The Greatest Show on Earth are the subject of this weeks' Dino Quiz. Even though the length of this awesome song ensured that it never reached "hit"status, it's still one of the best known "non-commercial" tracks of the seventies, next to Ramases' "Life Child" and Babe Ruth's "Wells Fargo". The band were formed by the Watt-Roy brothers, Norman on bass and Garth on guitar, in 1968. Their original vocalist was American Ozzie Lane. Lane left to return to the US, and was replaced by Colin Horton-Jennings, a man equally at home on the flute, guitar and bongos, in addition to being a very competent vocalist. They were signed to EMI's progressive Harvest label and released two excellent albums, both in 1970. On the bands' demise, the various members would later appear in a number of diverse bands, from Glencoe to East of Eden, from Fuzzy Duck to Graham Parker, from Marmalade to The Blockheads, backing band to Ian Dury.
Question ( of the Dino Quiz number 149 ) : How many albums did The Greatest
Show on Earth release?
Answer: Two
Prize: A copy of "The Going's Easy".

The Greatest Show on Earth 
The Greatest Show on Earth - Real Cool World, from "Horizons", their debut album, released in 1970. We've featured this excellent UK brass rock outfit on many occasions in the past, notably their tracks "The Leader", "Borderline" and "Love Magnet", and they are already well documented elsewhere in these pages. What we will tell you, however, is that this was their first album for the progressive EMI Harvest label and that our featured track was quite a big hit in a number of European countries, where they were quite popular. Their second album, "The Going's Easy", also came out in 1970 and was better than their debut. Unfortunately, as is the case with many excellent bands of this size and musical style, they didn't last too long and split the following year, leaving two fairly collectable albums that are still extremely pleasing to the ear to this day. The various members went on to the likes of Glencoe, East of Eden, Fuzzy Duck, Loving Awareness, Streetwalkers, Taggett, Marmalade, Bonnie Tyler, Vinegar Joe, The Darts, Graham Parker and Ian Dury and The Blockheads. 

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Alex Lifeson
Dann Huff
Ian Astbury
Michael Schenker Group
Robert John "Mutt" Lange
Simon Townshend
Vito Bratta
Geddy Lee


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The Greatest Show on Earth - 1970 - Horizons - 4/5

The Greatest Show on Earth - 1970 - The Going's Easy - 4/5

The Greatest Show on Earth - 1975 - Greatest Show on Earth - 4.5/5



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