The Flames were on of South Africa's most popular bands of the mid to late sixties. Formed in Durban in 1964 by the Fataar brothers, Steve on guitar and vocals and Brother on bass and vocals, together with Eugene Champion on guitar and vocals and George Faber on drums.Faber was later replaced by Ricky Fataar and Champion was replaced by Edries Fredericks, who, in turn, was replaced by Baby Duval and Blondie Chaplin on guitar and vocals. They released their first of many singles in 1964 and continued to record and perform well into the late sixties when they toured England, where they were quite popular in a few clubs. The manager of these clubs, Jim Carter-Lea, introduced the band to Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys, who was so impressed with them that he invited them to LA to record at their studio. The resulting album was "Flame", released in 1971. Now known as Flame, the band toured the US as support to the Beach Boys. When Flame broke up, Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar were invited to become members of the Beach Boys, staying with them until 1973. The various members of (The) Flame(s) went on to further great things, featuring with the likes of Jennifer Warnes, Dave Mason, Rick Danko, The Rutles and others. Brother Fataar died in 1978. Steve Fataar continues to perform today. A "best of The Flames" CD was released a number of years ago and is essential listening for anyone who remembers this great band and the memorable songs they performed at the Durban beachfront and other exotic places during the balmy sixties! Thanks to Garth Chilvers and Tom Jasiukowicz for info borrowed from their great "History of Contemporary Music in South Africa" book, circa 1994.
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The Flames - 1965 - Ummm, Ummm, Oh Yeah - 4/5

The Flames - 1967 - Thats Enough - 4/5

The Flames - 1968 - Burning Soul - 4/5

The Flames - 1968 - Soulfire - 4/5



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