The Firm - You've lost that lovin' feeling, from their self titled debut album, released in 1985. This was a marriage made in musical heaven: two of the most famous heavyweights in the blues/hard rock scene, each with a tremendous pedigree, together in the same band. Vocalist Paul Rodgers had earned his stripes with Free and Bad Company and Jimmy Page was highly r egarded as one of the world's top guitarists when he was a member of first the Yardbirds and later Led Zeppelin. Joined by bassist Tony Franklin (Roy Harper) and drummer Chris Slade (Uriah Heep/Manfred Mann), they released this debut a lbum to a controversial and skeptical reception, as many felt that The Firm were little more than a compromise, capitalizing on the fame and reputation of the members' previous super groups. The album, not particularly surprisingly, was actually very good and live dates in support of the album proved successful. The follow-up album, the equally good and bluesy "Mean Business", was released the following year. It unfortunately failed to gain new ground for the band, and they split after the subsequent world tour, with both Rodgers and Page embarking on solo careers. Rodgers also formed The Law with Bryan Adams, Dave Gilmour and others in 1991. Page later joined up with Robert Plant and has recently worked with The Black Crowes. Tony Franklin featured in Blue Murder and Chris Slade had a stint with AC/DC. 

Biography by Jason Ankeny
Hard rock supergroup the Firm united former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page with onetime Free and Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers; bassist Tony Franklin and ex-Uriah Heep drummer Chris Slade completed the lineup, founded in 1984. Their self-titled debut album appeared on Atlantic a year later, cracking the Top 20 on the strength of the hit single "Radioactive," but overall the record's impact was relatively minimal given the pedigrees of Page and Rodgers, and even the reaction to the group's lone tour proved surprisingly lukewarm. After one more LP, 1986's Mean Business, the Firm shut down; while Page and Rodgers resumed their respective solo careers, Franklin later resurfaced in Blue Murder, and Slade joined AC/DC. 


Jimmy Page
Paul Rodgers
Tony Franklin
Chris Slade

Robin Trower
Jeff Beck
Jon Butcher Axis
David Coverdale

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The Firm - 1985 - The Firm - 4/5

The Firm - 1986 - Mean Business - 2.5/5



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