Vocalist Arthur Brown, born Arthur Wilton on 24 June 1944 in Yorkshire, England, made his debut recording with The Diamonds in 1965. Two years later he formed The Crazy World of Arthur Brown with keyboard player Vincent Crane and drummer Drachen Theaker. They s igned to Track Records and this, our featured number, penned by Crane, reached number 1on the UK charts. Arthur Brown's stage act bordered on the bizarre, his helmeted head theatrically ablaze as the stunned audience stood with jaws agape in bewilderment. The debut album was a disappointment, cited as the main reason why Brown became known as a one hit wonder. Other musicians featured with Brown included drummers Jon Hiseman, Carl Palmer and Jeff Cutler, bassist Nick Greenwood and keyboard players Pete Solley and Dick Henningham. Crane and Palmer left to form Atomic Rooster, with Brown later forming Kingdom Come. (He incorporated the use of a drum machine, said to be the first ever rock group to use one). Kingdom Come recorded three albums, "Galactic Zoo Dossier", "Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come" and "Journey" between 1971 and 1973 before embarking on a solo career and recording under his own name in the mid seventies. He c ollaborated with Vincent Crane in 1980.   

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The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - 1968 - The Crazy World of Arthur brown - 4/5

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - 1988 - Strangelands - 2/5

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - 1993 - Order From Chaos - 4/5

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - 2002 - Tantric Lover - 2.5/5



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