The Boyzz - Destined to Die, from their sole album," Too Wild to Tame" in 1978. A biker band in the great Southern tradition, evoking images and memories of Molly Hatchet and Point Blank, but with a mean horn section, courtesy of Blood,Sweat & Tears members Lou Marini and Alan Rubin, amongst others. Very little info about this promising outfit is available, unfortunately, but what we do know is that a few members went on to form The B'zz.

Biography by Doug Stone
Not to be confused with the British punk band Boys, the American clod rock of the Boyzz brought biker imagery, a bit of Godz blasphemy, and the heavy boogie of Black Oak Arkansas to the late-'70s commercial party. The Boyzz were vocalist "Dirty" Dan Buck, keyboardist Anatole Halinkovich (now Tony Hall), guitarists Gil Pini and Mike Tafoya, bassist Dave Angel, plus drummer Kent Cooper. The ruckus of their first and only slab, Too Wild to Tame, caused tremors throughout the heartland and is now something of a lost metal curio. But lack of intellectualism and record sales caught up to the band, with Halinkovich, Tafoya, and Angel clearing out and cleaning up to become the ace pop act B'zz. Around the turn of the century, Tafoya, Buck, and Angel re-formed the Boyzz. 




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The Boyzz - 1978 - Too Wild to Tame - 2.5/5



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