Tempest - Upon Tomorrow, from "Tempest", their debut album, released in 1973. Not to be confused with the Magna Carta progressive Celtic outfit of the same name, this was the band put together by drummer Jon Hiseman when Colosseum split up in the early seventies. Recruiting the services of fellow Colosseum member, bassist Mark Clarke, guitarist Allan Holdsworth (previously of Igginsbottom's Wench, whose sole self-titled album, originally released in 1969, by the way, has finally been released on CD), and ex-Zoot Money and Juicy Lucy vocalist, Paul Williams, the band signed to Bronze Records and released this awesome debut in 1973. Known as "Jon Hiseman's Tempest", they toured mostly on the Continent where they found a fairly appreciative audience. Williams left in June 1973, with Holdsworth Soft Machine - bound barely a month later. Patto guitarist/vocalist Ollie Halsall was brought in, and the line-up of Hiseman, Halsall and Clarke appeared at the Reading Festival in August of that year. The band's final album, "Living in Fear", was released the following year, also on Bronze Records, but the band unfortunately split midway through 1974. Hiseman went on to form Colosseum 2 with Gary Moore, Neil Murray, Mike Starrs and Don Airey. Marke Clarke has a short stint with Uriah Heep and later featured with Leslie West in Mountain. Paul Williams went on to work with Holdsworth and reformed Juicy Lucy (Blue Thunder) a few years ago. In the meantime, both Hiseman and Clarke are back in the reformed Colosseum! The circle turns for some of the finest musicians to have ever come out of the UK.....By the way, both Tempest albums have been available on CD for a number of years and are essential listening. 

Biography by James Christopher Monger
Forged by Colosseum drummer Jon Hiseman, progressive jazz-rock quartet Tempest appeared on the scene in 1972. Paul Williams, who had done time on bass with both John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and Zoot Money's Big Roll Band and who had sung for Juicy Lucy, provided vocals, jazz fusion legend Allan Holdsworth manned the guitar, and fellow Colosseum member Mark Clark supplied the bass. The group released its self-titled debut in 1973. Williams left the following year and was replaced by guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Ollie Halsall, who had recorded with Timebox, Brian Eno, and Scaffold. The resulting Living in Fear was released in 1974. The group split in 1975, with the members splintering off into various bands, including Colosseum II, Mountain, Uriah Heep, and Boxer. Castle Music UK released the retrospective Living in Fear: The Anthology in 2005. 


Allan Holdsworth
Mark Clarke
Ollie Halsall
Jon Hiseman
Paul Williams

Fairport Convention
The Albion Band
Colosseum II

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Tempest - 1973 - Tempest - 2.5/5

Tempest - 1974 - Living in Fear - 3/5



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