Dutch outfit Teaser were formed in Enschede in the mid to late seventies. They were formed by guitarist Adrian Vandenberg, previously with lesser known outfits Mother of Pearl, Darling and Magic Box. Vandenberg recruited the services of ex-Maddogs singer Jos Veldhuizen, together with bassist Peter Van Eyk and drummer Nico De Gooijer and they signed to Vertigo Records in 1978. Teaser's music is the closest thing to Bad Company you're likely to get, with Veldhuizen sounding remarkably like a young Paul Rodgers. Their sole album, not particularly well known outside of their home country, featured a number of well played catchy blues/rock tunes, and if you missed it first time 'round on vinyl, you can get it on CD through Pseudonym Records, who released it in 1997. Vandenberg later changed Teaser's line-up, bringing in bassist Dick Kemper, drummer Jos Zoomer and singer Bert Heerink. The name of the band was also changed to Vandenberg, and they released their debut album under that name in 1982. They looked set to make a huge impact in the 1980's, but the expected major breakthrough never occurred. Vandenberg the band went on to release three albums and Adrian Vandenberg later replaced Micky Moody in Whitesnake.  

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