Tarney Spencer Band - No Time to Lose, from "Run for your Life'', released in 1979, the third album from this very talented US duo. Alan Tarney (guitars/bass/keyboards/vocals) and Trevor Spencer (drums) have serious pedigrees, either collectively or individually. Tarney has either worked with or produced albums by Aha, Barbara Dickson, Cliff Richard, Hank Marvin, Rogue and others. Spencer has worked with Hank Marvin, Sally Oldfield, John Cooper Clarke and Rogue, just to name a few. As a duo, they're probably best known for their hit "Takin' me back", but that was just one of a number of excellent tracks penned by these great musicians. They released their self-titled debut album on Bradleys Records in 1976 and then signed to A & M Records, for whom they recorded their final two albums. It's not known if any of their albums are available on CD at this stage, although it's very possible that they've been released on Japanese pressings. 


Here is a very good review on Alan Tarney and Trevor Spencer by Allister Hardwick.


Alan played bass guitar with The Shadows from 1973 to 1977 both in studio or live, covering 4 major albums "Rockin with curly leads"; "Specs appeal"; Live at Paris Olympia"; and "Tasty" with John Farrar. Alan played bass and piano for The Shadows during the BBC Eurovision song contest preliminary rounds and final round

Alan was born in Cumberland in the UK. His family emigrated to Adelaide, Australia where he spent his teens. He saw the Shadows and Cliff down under in 1961 and was mesmerised by those red guitars. That night was to have been probably the biggest influence on his life. He joined a local band lead by Glen Shorrock who later formed The Little River Band and at the same time was improving his musical skills in guitar, bass and keyboards. He also played with Terry Broom and The Handels where he met Trevor Spencer.

Alan and Trevor came to England in 1969 and met up with John Farrar, Cliff's producer Dave McKay and Cliff's manager Peter Gormley (Australian). In England they formed the band Quartet with Kevin Peek and Terry Britten, did 2 singles and then broke up. Meanwhile they were also doing tons of session work for Cliff, Marvin Welch and Farrar, Livvy, The New Seekers, The Drifters, The Real Thing, Bonnie Tyler (Alan is on lead guitar on "Lost in France") in the early 1970's.

Alan and Trevor gigged regularly with Cliff throught the 1970's (eg the "Cliff Live in Japan 1972" album). Along with John Farrar, they also backed him live on Eurovision "Power to all our friends" in 1973. ( A little known fact that Alan T and John F are the only 2 Shadows to do 3 consecutive Eurovision song contests Cliff '73; Livvy '74; Shads '75)

In 1976 Alan and Trevor made the "Tarney and Spencer" album on Bradleys records and 3 singles off it. This album is largely accoustic based material a lot of which was recycled to Cliff and Leo. Later they signed to A&M records with a 10 album contract.

In 1978 they recorded the "Three's a crowd" album in California with producer David Kershenbaum. They stayed with John and Pat Farrar. The album included guest vocals From The Climax Blues Band. This album is very much more uptempo compared to the 1st album. Much more AOR on the more tuneful/poppy side and again some material was recycled for others later on.

In 1979 they recorded "Run for your life" album again with David Kershenbaum as producer. This last T/S band album has a much harder AOR sound with Alan on full throttle on lead guitar with plenty of blistering guitar solos.1979 also saw Alan and Trevor record their last T/S Band single "Cathys clown" with Bruce producing. This got loads of airplay and a minor chart placing. Subsequently they were released from their A&M contract by mutual agreement. Cathys clown single has many elements found on We dont talk anymore. Also, on the album "Where to now" recorded with Charlie Dore (with co-producer Bruce) Alan developed the distinctive "Tarney sound" which was to lead to greater success with Cliff, Leo Sayer and Barbara Dickson. 2 hit singles followed "Pilot of the airwaves" and "Fear of flying" on Island Records

A major next big turning point was the "We dont talk anymore" session with Bruce producing which became Cliff's greatest hit of his rejuvinated career. At this point Alan replaced Bruce as Cliff's no 1 choice of producer for a while including 2 more big selling albums with Cliff "Always Guaranteed" and "Stronger" and more giant hits inc "Some people" etc.

Trevor was to dapart from the UK to return to his native Australia to Perth to ultimately set up the Sh-boom studios with Gary Taylor and Hank

Alan, who continues to work occasionally at RGJones studios in London, lives with wife Adele and daughter Mia in Richmond near Ham Common (not a million miles away from Bruce, also in Richmond, and self-proclaimed Shadows no1 pest (well-meaning), Allister in Wandsworth/Fulham)

Trevor continues to work in Perth doing radio jingles and Hank unplugged CDs at the Sh-Boom studios.

Terry Britten continues as a producer eg Tina Turner

Kevin Peek had a long and successful career with Sky with John Williams, Tristram Fry, Herbie Flowers and Francis Monkman. He is currently studying for a Maths degree to be a teacher.


1.Tarney & Spencer "Tarney & Spencer" Bradleys UK 1976 LP-Brad1011 & TC-ZCBRA1011
2.Tarney/Spencer Band "Threes a crowd" A&M UK 1978 LP-AMLH68466 & TC-CAM68488
3.Tarney/Spencer Band "Run for your life" A&M UK 1979 LP-AMLH64757 & TC-CAM64757
4.Tarney/Spencer band "Run for your life" A&M Germany CD-840002 (Paperback book sleeve)

LP 1 only released in UK. Master tapes badly decomposed/unusable with Castle Communications plc, 29 Barwell Business Park, Leatherhead Road, Chessington, Surrey. Castle owns rights to Pye/Bradleys: LP1.

LP2/LP3 released in UK, USA, Europe, Australia. LP2 sleeve in USA shaped like a menu card in US cafe style with rounded corners. LP3 sleeve released in UK had red motor car with running woman's heel/stilleto shoe. LP3 USA/Euro sleeve had paperback books but there were 3/4 different versions - green, red, yellow, silver logo of "Tarney/Spencer Band".

Only LP3 reissued on CD in Germany. 1500 copies pressed/1992/3.

LP1 recorded in London. LP2/LP3 recorded in USA california. Alan and Trevor stayed at John Farrar's home for duration of recording sessions. Climax Blues Band guested vocals on LP2. LP2/LP3 prod by David Kershenbaum.

LP1 would have to be dubbed from disc for CD reissue. LP2/LP3 worth full 24bit digital remastering for CD reissue.

LP2/LP3 master tapes in USA with A&M.

I'm your man Rock n roll/Gunslinger Bradleys BRAD7603
If you knew/It's really you Bradleys BRAD7621
I can hear love (edit version)/The real thing Bradleys BRAD7615
Takin me back/Set the minstrel free A&M AMS7339
Easier for you/magic still runs... A&M AMS7358
It's really you/Bye bye my sweet love A&M AMS7386
No time to lose/Live again A&M AMS7456
Cathys clown/Anthing I can do A&M AMS7485 (pic sleeve)
Three's a crowd flexi disc 33.3 rpm 4 tracks.

Album tracks:
LP1: I can hear love (full length vers)/Need youre lovin' (oh so bad)/Sea of heartbreak/It's really you/I'm your man rock n roll/Give me love your way/Got to breakaway/Me mine/We'll belive in loving/Rock n roll hall of fame/Hey Mr Dream Maker/You'll never know how beautiful you are. (TC sequence of tracks different to LP sequence on LP1)

LP2: Bye bye my sweet love/Takin me back/It's really you/We belive in love/Maybe I'm right/I can hear love/Set the minstrel free/Magic still runs through your head/capital shame/easier for you.

LP3: No time to lose/The race is almost run/Won'tcha tell me/Live agin/Run for your life/Don't/Far better man/Lies/A heart will break tonight/I'm alive.

They signed a 10 album contract with A&M records but this was terminated suddenly after the Cathys Clown single.Alan Tarney contactable via RGJones (studios), Wimbledon, London, SW19.
Trevor Spencer contactable via SH-Boom (studios), Tiverton Rd, Northbridge, Perth, West Australia.
One TOTP appearance with "I'm your man rock n roll". 1976.

Alan Tarney Production credits:
Charlie Dore "Where to now" LP (+B Welch prod). backing 7 tracks T/S.Band.
Barbara Dickson "The Barbara Dickson album" LP. backing by T/S Band.
Barbara Dickson "You know it's me" LP. backing by T/S Band.
Leo Sayer "Living in a fanasy" LP. backing by T/S Band.
David Cassidy "Romance" LP. backing by T/S Band.
Leo Sayer "Cool Touch" LP.
Cliff Richard "I'm no hero" LP. backing by T/S Band.
Cliff Richard "Wired for sound" LP. backing by T/S Band.
Cliff Richard "Always guaranteed" LP
Cliff Richard "Stronger" LP.
Aha "Hunting high and low" LP
Aha "Stay on these roads" LP
Aha "Scoundrell days" LP

Many big hit singles for Aha, Cliff, B.Dickson eg "Take on me", "We don't talk anymore", "January February".
Also, prod. non-LP singles for Squeeze "Annie get your gun", Bowwowwow, Leo Sayer.
Also, plays guitar solo in "Lost in France" by B.Tyler.
Also, several songwriting credits eg Living in harmony - cliff, marmaduke and others - shads/mwf
Also, studio sessions on LP's for Olivia Newton-John, Cliff Richard, Bonnie Tyler, The Drifters, New Seekers.
Alan & Trevor on the Cliff Live in Japan 72 album with Hank, John, Livy, Pat


Trevor Spencer
Alan Tarney



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Lyrics of "No Time to lose"

Lyrics "CathysClown"

Brilliant video of the Tarney Spencer

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Tarney-Spencer Band - Tarney and Spencer
Rating: (no rating)
Catalog Number: CD-CMRCD692
Label: CastleCommsPLC (UK)
Year released: 2003
Playing time: 60mins(app
Style: pop/rock/AOR
Language: English
Country: UK
Submitted By:


01. I can hear love
02. need your lovin
03. sea of heartbreak
04. it's really you
05. breakaway
06. give me love your way
07. I'm your man rockn'roll
08. be mine
09. we'll believe in lovin
10. rockn'roll hall of fame
11. hey mr dream maker
12. you'll never know
13. if you knew (bonus#1)
14. guitar slinger (bonus#2)
15. the real thing (bonus#3)
16. i can hear love (bonus#4)

Tarney Spencer Band - 1978 - Three's a Crowd - 3/5

Tarney-Spencer Band - Three's A Crowd
Rating: 9.8, with 9 votes.
Catalog Number: SP-4692
Label: A&M
Year released: 1978
Playing time:
Style: Rock
Language: English


01. Bye Bye Now, My Sweet Love
02. Takin' Me Back
03. It's Really You
04. We Believe In Love
05. Maybe I'm Right
06. I Can Hear Love
07. Set The Minstrel Free
08. Magic Still Runs Through Your Head
09. Capital Shame
10. Easier For You


Tarney Spencer Band - 1979 - Run For Your Life - 4.5/5

Tarney-Spencer Band - Run For Your Life
Rating: 9.8, with 36 votes.
Catalog Number: SP-4757
Label: A&M
Year released: 1979
Playing time: 40 mins
Style: Rock
Language: English
Country: USA


01. No Time To Lose
02. Race Is Almost Run
03. Won'tcha Tell Me
04. Live Again
05. Run For Your Life
06. Don't
07. Far Better Man
08. Lies
09. Heart Will Break Tonight
10. I'm Alive


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