Last of our power rock trios from the UK this week is the short-lived T2, who were formed by yet another ex-Gun member, drummer/vocalist Peter Dunton, and two members from Bulldog Breed, bassist/vocalist Bernard Jinks and guitarist/keyboard player/vocalist Keith Cross. The group made a successful appearance at the 1970 Isle of Wight festival and had a residency at London's famous Marquee club for a short while. They were signed to the Decca label and they released their debut album in 1970, copies of which are now scarcer than chicken's teeth. The album features an epic 20-plus minute power rock cut called "Morning", which is certainly one of the better early seventies progressive rock efforts. The band split in the early seventies, but Dunton and guitarist Mike Foster, a friend of the bands' since the early days, put T2 together again in the early nineties and released "Second Bite". It wasn't a bad effort at all, but it suffered from the absence of Cross's dynamic guitar playing.( Cross, incidentally, released an album called "Bored Civilians" with fellow guitarist Peter Ross in 1972). Two further T2 albums, "Waiting for the Band" and " On the Frontline" were released on SPM Worldwide Records in 1993 and 1994 respectively. The former album, partly studio and partly live, featured Denton on drums, Foster now on bass, and new guitarist Ray Lee, a seventeen year old blessed with the most unbelievable talent. The line-up on "On the Frontline" is not stated, but it's certainly worth a listen as well. The Japanese Belle Antique label released an album called "Fantasy" in 1998. This album contained a number of tracks from all four albums, with the liner notes oddly enough in Japanese, which is a great help! It's not known if T2 are still in existence, but, either way, they should be remembered for recording some really good progressive hard rock music.
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T2 - 1970 - It'll All Work Out in Boomland - 3/5

T2 - 1993 - Waiting for the Band - 3/5

T2 - 1994 - On The Frontline - 4/5

T2 - 1996 - Second Bite - 3/5

T2 - 1997 - T.2. (Early Recordings) - 4/5

T2 - T2 (1970 Second Album) - 4/5



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