At the time, although classified as one of the many Krautrock bands doing the rounds, Sweet Smoke were, supposedly, an international band of unknown origin,( they were actually from the US ), but, as was the case with British groups such as Janus, Nektar and Message, they appeared to be based in Germany, where their jazzy/psychedelic hippy sound was very popular and much in demand. At times they could have been compared to Quicksilver Messenger Service. They released a total of three albums, all of them very good, with their live album, their third and final release, probably being their best. Brian Currin, author of the SA Rock Digest, has been a fan of the band for a long time and he's been in contact with Andy Dershin, Mike Paris and Jay Dorfman, all founder members of Sweet Smoke. If you visit his website, you can read up more about this fantastic band. All three albums are available on CD.

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Sweet Smoke - 1970 - Just a Poke - 4/5

Sweet Smoke - 1973 - Darkness to Light - 3.5/5

Sweet Smoke - 1974 - Live - 4/5



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