Strider were a UK blues/rock outfit of tremendous potential. They were formed by guitarist Gary Grainger, keyboard player and lead vocalist Ian Kewley, bassist Lee Hunter and drummer Jimmy Hawkins. They spent their early days supporting the likes of Humble Pie, Status Quo and Deep Purple. Their debut album, ''Exposed", was released on Phillips Records in 1973, and it featured Babe Ruth's Jennie Haan on backing vocals, as did the second. A fairly good album, it was nonetheless overshadowed by this, their final effort, which now featured new lead vocalist Rob Elliott and Tony Brock in place of Jimmy Hawkins. Just as it seemed as if this great band were going places, they split, with Grainger going on to feature in Rod Stewart's band and Tony Brock moving on to The Babys. As far as we know, neither of Strider's albums have been released on CD yet, but they probably soon will be by some enterprising record label - they were too good a band to be i gnored and forgotten. Note: not to be confused with the nineties band of the same name. 
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Status Quo

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Strider - 1973 - Exposed - 3/5

Strider - 1974 - Misunderstood - 3.5/5



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