Stretch - Why did you do it?, from "Elastique", their debut album, released in 1975. Another major hit in the disco's during the seventies, and a track that still, to this day, gets them up on the dancefloor! Stretch were actually a hard rock outfit formed by ex-Velvet Opera guitarist/vocalist Elmer Gantry, and featured bassist Steve Emery, guitarist Kirby and drummer Jim Russell. The band's second album," You can't beat your brain for Entertainment", was just as good as the debut, but the third album, "Lifeblood", showed signs of the band losing it a bit. By the time the fourth album, "Forget the Past", came about in 1978, Stretch had basically blown their bolt and they split shortly after its release. A stunning Stretch double box set, complete with elaborate booklet, was released by Repertoire Records a few years ago and is worthwhile checking out.   

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Elmer Gantry
Steve Emery
Jeff Rich
Jim Russell
Kirby Gregory


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Stretch - 1975 - Elastique - 3.5/5

Stretch - 1976 - You Can't Beat Your Brain for Entertainment - 3.5/5

Stretch - 1977 - Life Blood - 3.5/5

Stretch - 1978 - Forget the Past - 2.5/5



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