Streets were a band of enormous potential. They were formed in 1981 by Steve Walsh, ex-Kansas vocalist and keyboard player and ex-City Boy guitarist Mike Slamer. They were joined by drummer Tim Gehrt, who'd featured on Walsh's debut solo album, " Schemer Dreamer", which was released in 1980, and bassist Billy Greer. Their self-titled debut album, released in 1983, saw them adopt a much more straightforward AOR approach than they had with their previous groups, concentrating on infectious hooklines and great choruses and harmonies, rather than intricate and complex arrangements. The album was well received by the music media, but failed to win over a large audience, mainly due to poor promotion. Atlantic Records were once again to blame for the failure of this second album, which saw the band mature as songwriters, but, disillusioned, they split in 1986. A live album, recorded in 1983 and released on King Biscuit Flower Hour Records in 1997, demonstrated the potential this great band had to reach superstar status. Walsh and Greer joined Phil Ehart, Rich Williams and Steve Morse in the re-vamped Kansas in 1986 and, as far as we know, are still with the band today. A new Kansas studio album is due for release soon. Naturally, we'll keep you posted!

Biography by Tom Demalon
In 1981, with personal changes happening in the band and commercial fortunes on the decline, Kansas lead singer Steve Walsh left the band that he had fronted since their recording debut in 1974. Wanting to explore new territory, Walsh assembled a new band with bassist Billy Greer, drummer Tim Gehrt, and guitarist Mike Slamer (of British cult band City Boy). Taking the name Streets, the quartet based themselves out of Atlanta and set to working out some original material almost immediately. Streets made their live debut in January 1983 at Charlie Daniels' Volunteer Jam and signed a recording contract with Atlantic. They released their debut, 1st, later that same year. Eschewing the progressive leanings of his former band, Walsh and Streets was more straight-ahead rock & roll; a formula that, combined with Walsh's profile, earned them a healthy response at rock radio for the record's lead single "If Love Should Go," which was a Top Ten hit. Unfortunately, it didn't lead to very substantial album sales and, following their sophomore effort Crimes in Mind in 1985, Atlantic dropped the band. A year later, Walsh and Greer would be a part of a re-formed Kansas, which included drummer Phil Ehart, and guitarists Richard Williams and Steve Morse.


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Streets - 1983 - 1st - 3.5/5

Streets - 1985 - Crimes in Mind - 3/5

Streets - 2004 - Shakedown - 2.5/5



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