Strange Fruit - The Flame still burns, from the soundtrack to the Billy Connolly movie, "Still Crazy", released in 1998. This is not the 1982-era Strange Fruit featuring Nucleus members Roger Sutton and Brian Smith, but a band "reformed" in the 90's by a bunch of UK musicians who were musical heroes in the great seventies. The movie is brilliant - you simply have to see it if you enjoy music from that era. What a terrible wake-up for the guys in the band when they realize that their kind of music, attitudes and fashion just doesn't crack it in the nineties! There are some really hillarious scenes as well as a number of sad ones, which make it a really special movie with a great soundtrack. The title of our featured track says it all - '' The flame still burns" - it sure does. They may be a bit older and have lost a fair amount of hair. The notes may not be that easy to reach anymore, but they still sound brilliant! Vocals are supplied by Jimmy Nail ( he featured on Gary Moore's " We want Moore" album in 1984), and the soundtrack features guitarists Steve Donelly, ex- RAF, and Bernie Marsden, ex-Whitesnake/Babe Ruth, etc. This is the kind of movie you'll probably want to buy as opposed to hire, it's that good!

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